Moeller: Giants Should Reconfigure the Big Picture

The Giants’ debacle in Atlanta has continued to settle, and the aftermath has begun.

Cornerback Eli Apple was shipped to New Orleans for a draft pick in each of the next two seasons. It’s ironic Apple would be traded now since he has had a relatively steady season. Apple was given a reprieve by the new Giants’ brass in the offseason after having a bullseye on his back for last year’s antics.

The league trading deadline is around the corner and this deal could be the first of a domino effect.

The defeat in Atlanta complete with the comedy of errors and lackluster offense effort for nearly the entire game may have finally pushed the Giants’ front office to put the next season into motion.

For the Giants, it continues to be a series of missed opportunities and simply bad luck. That’s how things go for a team that is 1-6 and likely will end up with four or five wins.

How does Eli Manning not score on consecutive quarterback sneaks from the one-yard line and a little more than 40 seconds trickle off the clock?

How does a team with more than 300 yards passing and two receivers with over 100 yards receiving only have six points until the final seven minutes of the game?

Where was the pass rush that recorded three sacks in the opening quarter and the overall defensive intensity in the first half after halftime? Atlanta’s Matt Ryan filmed a manual of the proper use of a rollout and play action in the second half.

The Giants should have kicked a field goal from the reliable Aldrick Rosas this season instead of risking a fourth-and-goal, one in which Manning is looking for backup tight end Scott Simonson instead of Odell Beckham Jr.?

Kick the field goal and add an extra point instead of trying for two, and the Giants turn a 23-20 defeat into a win.

It is a lost season –fifth in the last six and four wins in their last 23 games – and time to slowly begin a rebuild.

Apple was figuratively the first one to fall, and shake the tree for a few more.

They will play an underrated Redskins team this Sunday at Met Life, and they actually have a favorable schedule in the second half. They can beat Washington without any making any plays that make you scratch your head.

From there, they have San Francisco, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Washington (again) and Indianapolis down the road. Dallas and Philadelphia could be had depending on how they are playing.

But those wins can only mask their real identity. Don’t be fooled with a four-, five, or even six-win team this season.

The offensive line needs another major overhaul. Nate Solder –remember, Belichick makes few mistakes —  and Patrick Omameh have been busts and Chad Wheeler doesn’t look like a regular. Wil Hernandez can be a keeper.

Do you remember that the Giants let Justin Pugh walk and sign with Arizona? Wouldn’t Pugh look good in there now?

Let Manning stay and go out in glory. They need to rebuild the line for a franchise quarterback – see the Jets.

Start with the draft and deal some more pieces for some cap space. There are less than 10 untouchables here and even Beckham can be sent for the right deal.

Revel in what Barkley can do with his own abilities and Beckham, Sterling Shepard, and Evan Engram will give you some highlights over the next two months.

A Washington win and a few others is only cubic zirconia shining brightly. You will have to wait for a while and be patient for the real thing.

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