Negron: Batboy Comes To The Bronx

Batboy the play is headed to the Bronx this Friday. After two successful showings in Long Island the play finally gets to where the actual story was born.

The play is the story of my life. It’s the story of my love affair with the New York Yankees. It’s the story of how the most powerful man in sports (George Stienbrenner) could actually give a damn about a kid like me and other kids just like me.

It’s the story of Murcer, Munson, Rivers, Jackson, Piniella, Dent, and of course Billy and Yogi during the era when the Bronx was Burning.

You also see how the streets where I was born could sometimes tell you a very cruel Bronx Tale.

The profits from the play will help kids who can’t afford to join leagues in the Bronx because of lack of funds.

Over the summer I attended a funeral for a youngster who joined a gang because his mom didn’t have the money to pay for league fees so he was turned away. This broke my heart because no one should ever be turned away from playing the game they love.

I was blessed because someone once gave me the opportunity of my life and I always promised him that I would always find it in my power to do the right thing for these same kids that grew up like me.

To this day I can’t ever thank Mr. Steinbrenner for all he did for me. I will always honor him and the Steinbrenner family. The Steinbrenner’s continue to to do so much for kids everywhere through the Yankees foundation and I will always be proud to call them my friends.

This Friday October 19, Batboy will premiere at Hostos Community College at 8pm. All tickets are $30 with special prices for kids.

I want to thank Chazz Palminteri and Frankie Valli for giving me the inspiration to take on such a big undertaking. I must also thank Hank Steinbrenner for the wonderful support. Hank said that even though I’m not Lawrence Olivier that I should do the play anyway.

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