Garnes: The Local Teams Look To Get Back On Track

Giants at Panthers Sunday 10/7 1 PM

The New York Giants need to string a few wins together to change to the tone of the season. It’s imperative that it starts with a win this Sunday vs the 3-0 the Panthers in Charlotte. We all know about the Giants struggle to put up big numbers in the offensive category. Many have attributed it to the poor play of the offensive line and/or Eli Manning. As an ex-defensive player and coach, we all know that if the QB sees the rush then we got him where we want. Right now, Eli expects the rush and I believe that is why we are not seeing many down field balls being thrown and when they have been thrown they have been off target. This can be corrected with better play from the O-Line and some blind faith by Eli. Easy for me to say.

Carolina comes into this game with a ball control offense that’s lead by Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey leading the way. They are the #1 rushing team in the NFL and Cam is having by far his most efficient year thus far with a 67.4% completion percentage and he has thrown 5 touch downs as opposed to only 1 interception. All under the tutelage of Norv Turner for the first time in his career. Christian has been his best weapon running and catching the ball. The Giants come in 29th against the run but the good thing is that they just need to be the best defense in Bank of America Stadium this weekend. It’s time for the defense to step up by playing great defense and forcing turnovers to set their offense up with short fields to score so they can establish a rhythm. Yes, there are a lot of big names and potential playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. But, the defense is what moves the needle for this proud franchise when things are going well.

Broncos @ New York Jets Sunday 1 PM

Sam Darnold and his New York Jets need to forget about the score board and just go out and play efficient football. Not too careful but at the same time not careless. I was told a long time ago that possession is 10/10 of the law. The offense would like to keep it until the cross the opponents goal line and the defense wants to get the ball back to them as soon as possible without allowing the opponent to score. Simple, right? Yes, but everything that is simple isn’t easy. Especially when you have rookie QB (a very talented rookie QB) that is learning on the job. Sam isn’t the only young player on this team that is being counted on to help deliver a victory. This team is full of talented players that have 4 years or less of experience. As New York fans we expect fast results. I am guilty of it as well. But, realistically this team is 1-2 years away of reaching their potential. They simply don’t know what they don’t know. It will pay off in the not to distant future. They will get better as the season rolls along.

The Broncos come in to MetLife stadium on a short week after losing to a divisional rival on Monday night. LET DOWN ALERT! If the Jets play inspired and take away the ball, this game can be had. Most veteran teams circle the games with teams that have rookie QBs and mark them with a W before the season even starts. The Jets just need to do their part. Make the Broncos offense 1 dimensional by not allowing them to get in a rhythm of run and play action. Make Case Keenum beat you by stopping the run. The defense can do so and many people are taking notice. I spoke with my former teammate Shaun Ellis and he had this to say about the defense while expressing his support. “The Jets have a lot of exciting players on defense and they will be a force in the years to come. D let’s get ready to take flight. Sore to new heights.” As for the offense I would suggest that they know where Chris Harris and Von Miller are always and stay away from them. Take care of the ball while being opportunist and getting some big chunk plays.

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