Mancuso: Mets Bullpen Getting A Look

Overall Robert Gsellman has proven to be valuable out of the Mets bullpen. The numbers coming into Tuesday night were tied for seventh among NL relievers with six wins and leading the team with 14 holds.

But his four runs in the seventh inning, three earned against the Braves did not look good. The sinker was not there and neither were the other relievers that manager Mickey Callaway went to in the Mets 7-3 loss. 

Noah Syndergaard failed to get his seventh straight win at Citi Field, never done before by a Mets starter. He had to leave after 6.0 innings after not feeling well and had the lead. But that bullpen, a priority for the Mets to revamp this offseason, did nothing to show who deserves a spot next year.

Gsellman may still be in that plan. So will Seth Lugo and possibly Drew Smith. After that, well these final five games against the Braves and Marlins could factor in some decisions as the Mets go into the offseason with lots of work to do.

However that seventh inning from Gsellman, whether it was fatigue or not, does not help his cause. He said the sinker was not there and the manager gave his point of view about the state of this bullpen in these final games as three of the four out of the pen gave up a run.

Yes, they are young arms out of the Mets pen. But to get some consideration for next year this late in the season is a time to make an impression.

“I think it’s possible at this point that a lot of guys hit walls,” Callaway said. “Especially Minor League guys that haven’t played this long. It’s a long season, the Minor League season, and than you add the rest of the Major League season on top of it and it can be a challenge.”

He said they have to get through the rest of September. And it has to do about next year, though Gsellman has that Major League experience among the young arms and has been through this. Fatigue could be a factor.

Jerry Blevins faced four batters. He gave up two runs on three hits and that 4.57 ERA is enough to say thank you and good luck. Figure he is not in the plan for next season, hardly resembling the lefty specialist with good and needed production out of the pen the past two years.

Drew Smith, a hit and two strikeouts has the potential to close with a good fastball, though the Mets may go shopping for an established closer.Right-handers Tyler Bashlor and Jacob Rhame combined for two hits, but the 4.35 and 6.30 ERA’s are not making an impression.

A struggling Gsellman does not mean he is not in the picture. There is still time these last few games to leave that lasting impression and figure Gsellman is still slotted for a major role next year.

“It’s mechanics,” Gsellman said after a long night at Citi Field. “Finish the season strong,” he said about making things better for himself and this Mets team.

All of this will be determined, and there will be a clearer picture when a new GM and front office is put into place. That will happen, as the Mets say, not too long after the final game is played Sunday afternoon at Citi Field.

However, Robert Gsellman did not make that impression Tuesday night. The manager, expected to return next season, is not concerned. As he said, it could be fatigue and there is no need to shut down Robert Gsellman these final few games.

The Mets need to fill some important holes in the offseason. The catcher is one of them and that bullpen of course a priority. Robert Gsellman has those tools. The others, that will be the question.

Why it is so important to look at these final games as something to play for, it’s the bullpen.  The Mets gave the Braves a win  Tuesday night and  got them a step closer to home field advantage in the postseason.

Mickey Callaway knows his team can be in the same position come next September and that process begins with the proper mix out of that bullpen.

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