Diamond Dave Q&A with Tim Peterson

BOSTON – The Mets are playing at Fenway Park this weekend for the first time since 2009. The home of the Red Sox since 1912, Fenway is the oldest stadium in the league.

A more recent addition to the majors is Mets reliever Tim Peterson, the right-gander who made his debut in late May. Peterson is 2-2 with a 7.54 ERA in 19 appearances. He last pitched on August 15, in New York’s 16-5 win in Baltimore.

He took some time to talk to NY Sports Day before Saturday afternoon’s game.

NYSD: How do you like Fenway Park?

TP: Oh man, it’s great here. I came here, I was playing in Brooklyn in 2013, we were playing Lowell and we had a Day game and the Red Sox were playing a night game and I came here and was able to watch a game from the stands but being on the field man, the atmosphere last night, that was a pretty intense game.

NYSD: Is it intimidating seeing the Monster like that?

TP: No. No. I don’t think so but it’s pretty awesome to be here and just experience everything.

NYSD: Then once you get over that there’s right field which is basically looks so good to the hitters.

TP: Yeah. That pole is so close, it’s so weird in the bullpen, sitting there seeing how close that pole is to the hitter.

NYSD: You’re really out there to take all the abuse from the fans, right?

TP: Yeah. I just hide under the bullpen there the whole game so nobody can say anything.

NYSD: Do you have a favorite stadium?

TP: This is definitely up there. I like the Yankees Stadium as well and where I made my debut in Atlanta, that’s one of my favorites.

NYSD: Do you actually like the ballpark or is it because you made your debut there?

TP: I think I like it. It’s pretty much brand new, everything was super nice about it.

NYSD: Well here you still get to be in a bullpen unlike Wrigley where they moved all the relievers underground.

TP: I didn’t even get to go to Wrigley. That’s one of the places I haven’t been yet.

NYSD: Do you have a favorite thing to do in Boston after hours?

TP: No. nothing yet. I don’t know, we’ll see tonight.

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