Negron: Jay Horwitz, A True Mets Legend

Today the NY Mets will announce that their long time public relations director Jay Horwitz will be reassigned to another position after doing it so magnificently for so many years.

I consider Jay the Mona Lisa of P.R. Directors. He has always brought a wonderful class and dignity to the position.

In my 45 years in the game, I have seen them all and can honestly say that Jay has truly been the best. The reason I say this is because not only has he always treated me better than any P.R. Director in my life in baseball, he treats everyone with class and dignity.

When players finish their time as Mets, Jay follows up with them. Checks on them to make sure they are okay. When George Steinbrenner and the Yankees signed Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, Jay would call me on a regular basis to check on their off-field status. I can honestly say that his advice on how to deal with Doc and Darryl was always very helpful. The Boss was always very thankful because everyone knew how much the Boss loved those two guys.

I must also add that Jay has been wonderful in dealing with the growing Latin culture in the game of baseball. He never let us Latinos feel like second class citizens. Not all teams around the game are as good as the Yankees or Mets but they have gotten better and a big reason is the example that has been set by the terrific Jay Horwitz.

It isn’t a coincidence that Major League Baseball uses Jay to assist in the Production of the Playoffs and the World Series every year.

All I know is that on a personal note, I want to thank Jay not only for the respect that you have always given me in this very tough business called Baseball, but for the love and respect that you always gave back to the game.

Jay is a wonderful man and has been the master of his craft much longer than most could ever wish. I hope that these kids that are just getting out of college and aspire to do what he has done get a chance to learn from the best ….Jay Horwitz.

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