Scout’s Take: Mets Gotta Have Hart

You know how your old favorite lounge chair can get all raggedy and begin to look unattractive? You know then that it is ready for an overhaul. New springs and fabric plus some wood stain may do the trick. Well that’s exactly what the Mets need, a complete overhaul. They don’t need to throw the whole chair out, they have a lot of good pieces that should still be kept.

Re-doing the chair yourself will cost you a lot less but you are not an expert in this craft. So if you want a beautiful chair you need to spend some money and hire a real professional, the best one available. When making your decision on who you want to do all this work, you need to remember those old sayings: “Penny wise and pound foolish” and “you get what you pay for.” That being said, it’s time for the Mets’ owners to act like they really care about the fans, who fill their pockets every year. Loyal, money spending fans deserve better.

So who is available and has a resume’ that would indicate that this person is qualified to overhaul and build a baseball team? Want a name? How about John Hart. This is a true baseball man who built both the Cleveland Indians of the 90’s and Texas Rangers from 2002-2014 into dominating powerhouses. In three short years, Hart has helped turn the Atlanta Braves into a team that is going to terrorize the National League for the next ten years. Even though he is not with the Braves now, his baseball genius is staring right at us. The Braves have the most depth of any team in baseball from their rookie league team right through to the top of their entire organization. They are edging ever so quickly to a division championship right now with a team that he put together faster than a toupee in a hurricane. John Hart was not only the driving force but the final decision maker in these three rebuilds.

I don’t need to get into the specifics of how he has done all of this, his results speak for themselves. Each team he rebuilt had their own different problems and dynamics. Hart is a problem solver and money maker for baseball teams. The Mets need to lure John Hart back into baseball and allow him to make them a respectable long lasting powerhouse organization.

The Mets owners need to understand that he has a track record unparalleled in rebuilding losers into not just winners, but teams that dominated for years. The Mets are desperate right now in a city dominated by the Yankees. Desperate times call for desperate measures and now is the time to think outside the box. Lets face it, nothing they have done in the last few years has worked out that well.

Sure they have made some good and not so good decisions in recent years. New state of the art modern stadium? Brilliant! Making it look like the Dodgers ol’ Ebbets Field? Not so smart. Why live in another team’s past, especially the one who left their fans flat to go to California. The Shake Shack? Love it! Giant Dodger blue #42 as the first thing you see when you come through the gate? I understand and agree with respecting the great Jackie Robinson and his history in Brooklyn but how about a giant Mets colored #41 for the only true Hall of Fame player from the organization, Tom Seaver?

But that is all just window dressing and fans really do love all of that but they need to have a good baseball team on that beautiful field every game. This guy can make that happen. Wake up Mr. Wilpon. This may be the last time you will be able to get this baseball genius to make your “expensive favorite chair” look beautiful again. There are plenty of other people looking to get their furniture repaired so let’s look at this as time sensitive information.

Go get him now. It will be the first good investment in your business since before you gave your money to Bernie Madoff. Be smart this time and don’t let this opportunity get away.

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