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Alomar Impressed with Gleyber and Andujar.

The greatest second baseman of all time Roberto Alomar got to see Yankees rookie sensations Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres this weekend and thinks that the Yankees are quite set at second and third base for years to come. Those two guys are very impressive and are just going to get better. I believe that Andujar is going to be a power guy that will also surprise you with his batting average. As for Torres, there is no ceiling. I got to speak to him after Saturday’s game and told him not to change anything. He is gonna have some down moments because he is so young but so did I. If he just keeps working on his craft and not be satisfied as to where he is as a player and keeps wanting to get better than your talking about a kid that will be the best the Yankees ever had at his position.

Boss good deed never forgotten.

Alex Garret was just eight years old when George Steinbrenner first saw him standing outside the old Yankee Stadium. Alex was standing with his dad watching the players walk into the park to play a day game. The Boss saw this little boy with one leg and as tough as the Boss could be he had this incredible soft side for all children. To see Alex with the one leg really broke his heart. He ordered for Alex and his Dad to be brought up to his office. Once there Alex was issued an employee credential with access to any part of the ballpark. The Boss was always impressed with the fact that Alex never acted sorry for himself because of his handicap. 

I remember a time when the Boss was having a bad day and the team was losing badly so naturally the Boss was screaming at everyone. At that moment Alex rolled into the office with his one roller skate. The Boss looked at Alex and all of a sudden just calmed down and said ‘sit next to me for a minute pal’. I watched that moment and was really proud of the man that we called The Boss. I was proud to be one of the kids that the Boss helped out when I needed it most and how 30 years later he was still the very powerful Yankee Boss and how he was still helping so many young people in all sorts of situations. People will never know just how many.
Today at the age of 26, Alex works at a local radio station assisting personalities such as Joe Piscopo and others in radio production.

When I saw Alex sitting in the Gate 2 lobby he saw me rolled over on his one skate and gave me a hug. I asked him my usual question to him.

‘’Do you think of him?’  As he stared at the Boss’s statue he responded. Every day!!

J. LO wears Yanks hat at Music Awards, A. Rod proud.

Jennifer Lopez performed and was honored at the MTV music awards and even wore a gold Yankees hat. Her performance was spectacular and her speech was wonderful because she thanked all of her family and friends. She even mentioned how Alex Rodriguez was so important to her and had become spiritually connected. You could tell that A.Rod was really touched by her words. It was really nice to hear how Jennifer credits her family with all her success and support. I guess that’s why she will always be Jenny from the block, even though the first Jenny from the block that I knew was my mom Jenny. 


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