Diamond Dave’s Q and A With Lance Lynn

Since being acquired by the Yankees, Lance Lynn is 1-0 with a 2.61 ERA in four games (three starts). 
It was against the Yankees that Lynn threw the one complete game shutout of his professional career, back on May 27, 2014 in St. Louis. The right-hander threw 127 pitches, giving up five hits and walking three in a 6-0 win. 
Lynn spoke to NY Sports Day on Saturday.  

NYSD: You pitched one complete game shutout in your career and it was actually against the Yankees. What are some of your memories rom that game?

LL: That was a long time ago. I just remember I threw a lot of pitches to get it done, that’s about it. 
NYSD: Did you have to lobby to go back out for the ninth inning because these things are so rare?
LL: Yeah. Back then it wasn’t as hard to do as it is these days, that’s for sure, but we had a 5-0 lead. I don’t think I would’ve gone back out if we had anything else? 
NYSD: Was it kind of intimidating facing the Yankees and Jeter and all these guys?
LL: No. It gets you more excited, I think, than intimidated. 
NYSD: You had never done that in the minor leagues either, right?
LL: Well, in the minor leagues they don’t let you go over 100 pitches because they baby everybody. I did it a lot in college. Minor leagues, they never let you get going, so it’s just the way it is. 
NYSD: Was the stamina still good in the ninth inning, would you say?
LL: I usually get better as I go. 
NYSD: Do you wish that they would let the starters go a little longer?
LL: That’s why we’re starters. Not relievers. 
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