Diamond Dave Q&A With Luke Voit

In late July, the Cardinals traded Luke Voit to the Yankees. The 27-year-old first baseman grew up in Missouri as a huge Cardinals fan, and Mark McGwire was his favorite player. He was drafted by St. Louis in 2013, and made it to the majors last season. He hit four home runs in 114 at-bats. 
Voit appeared in eight games this season with the Cardinals before being traded for Chasen Shreve and Giovanny Gallegos. Voit now wears 45 instead of Shreve. 
Voit too some time to talk to NY Sports Day after New York’s 7-2 win over Texas on Sunday. 

NYSD: As a Missouri guy, how are you adjusting to New York?

LV: (laughing) The biggest part’s been the subway so far. I’m starting to get it down. It takes me like an hour to get home. When I was in St. Louis it took 15, 20 minutes to get home. But I don’t know, man, it’s different and it’s a new challenge for me and it’s exciting. And it’s a fun city and I’m excited to venture around, eat some good food. What is there, like 12 million people here, or something like that? So there’s always stuff going on and I’m excited about what I can bring here. 
NYSD: There’s always pressure in the major leagues, do you feel a bit more being a Yankee?
LV: At the end of the day, baseball’s still baseball. It’s the Yankees, you’re on the big stage, and if you’re struggling, they’re gonna let you know about it. St. Louis is kind of that big baseball town too, so being there, and if you’re not having success, I get in trouble too. But just trying to stay even-keeled and trying to do what I can do. 
NYSD: Your favorite team trades you. What was that like?
LV: I mean, it’s a business. When I’m in the minors, all of our coaches just preached to us there are 30 other teams too. It was cool when I got traded that it was the New York Yankees. I mean, it’s a playoff contender, one of the best records in baseball and to get a chance to help them contend for a playoff run and hopefully a World Series is something. I kind of got stuck in St. Louis, so I’m excited for the opportunity here.
NYSD: Were you upset that you had to shave?
LV: (laughing) Yeah, it’s something new. I didn’t even have a razor. So I look like I’m 15 again, but hey, you got to do what you got to do, right? 
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