Diamond Dave: Q&A Shane Robinson

Shane Robinson is back from Triple-A. The Yankees outfielder played in two games in April before being sent to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Early in the season he was number 25, but now Gleyber Torres has that number, so Robinson wears 38. 
He played with the Cardinals in 2009 and 2011-14, the Twins in 2015, and Angels from 2016-17 before being signed by the Yankees. 
He hit .261 in 50 games in the minors before being called up in late July. 
Robinson took several minutes to talk with NY Sports Day on Tuesday
NYSD: What is it like being back up here after all that time in the minors?
SR: Oh man. It’s great. Just to be able to come up here and contribute and help this team, it’s been awesome, and I’m just trying to make the most of it while I am here. 
NYSD: Was it tough going back down there after getting a taste of being with the Yankees a bit?
SR: Yeah. I mean, I think it’s always a tough thing to come up and then obviously get the news that you’re going back down but it just keeps that drive going and I just try to do what I can down there and show that I’m ready at any point to be called up, and they can trust me and they know what I have to offer and they know what they’re gonna get when they put me out there. 
NYSD: Was it almost tough to walk around, maybe the young guys look at you, like, ‘Yeah, that’s right, I made the major leagues’?
SR: No. I kind of liked being the older guy down there just because I kind of try to take an angle where I’ve been up for awhile but now I’m down in the place where most people don’t want to be, and so I try to stay as positive as I can down there, and kind of help guys and keep the mood loose down there, and just try to be a good person down there and do what I can to help guys make their dreams come true, and I get better on the field. 
NYSD: Was it tough knowing that the Yankees have Judge and Hicks and Gardner and all these outfielders? 
SR: In some aspects. But they’re great guys and so I’m always rooting for them no matter what, and unfortunate Judge had to go down, and obviously those are big shoes to fill. Like I said, I just want to come up here and be able to contribute and kind of put a band aid on the wound a little bit until he’s better. 
NYSD: You played with Lance Lynn a bit. What makes him so successful?
SR: Well, the fact that he’s just a competitor. As soon as he gets on that mound, I mean, his sole goal is to get that batter out, and you’ll take notice of that real quick. He’s got a gritty attitude out there. He’s constantly competing, he leaves it all out there when he pitches and makes it easy to play for somebody like that and play for somebody like that when he’s on the mound. 
NYSD: When are you gonna get a nameplate for your locker?
SR: (Laughing) I think that’s the least of my worries. I’ve got so much stuff going on right now, so whenever they get around to it, I know they’re all busy around here, but I know where it’s at, so I think I’ll be alright for now. 
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