Mets Yoenis Cespedes Opts To Have Heel Surgeries

Yoenis Cespedes will undergo surgery, keeping him out an estimated time of eight to ten months.

According to John Ricco, there is calcification around the Achilles’ tendons in both heels, and surgery was recommended after the Mets slugger visited with the team doctor, a foot and ankle specialist, and then went for a second opinion.

It won’t be known until the operation is actually done, but Ricco said the recovery time could be longer than eight to ten months, but probably not shorter.

“It’s a little bit disappointment that we exhausted all of the conservative treatment options,” Ricco said with Jeff Wilpon listening along with the assembled media. “We certainly would rather have Yoenis out there. As we saw Friday night, he’s one of our best players and helps us win games.”

Cespedes had the calcification problem since his days in Cuba, but hoped he could push back the surgery until after he retired, even as it grew, even when he was told surgery was the only option at some point.

“I always thought having the surgery after I retired, I’d be playing through this thinking that maybe when I finish my career I could go and have surgery,” Cespedes said.

With a week to go before the trade deadline, the Cespedes news won’t have the team scrambling to trade off any superstar pitchers.

“We’re not really going to make any radical changes based on this information in the next few days,” Ricco said.

This season, the Mets are 20-18 when Cespedes plays, and 21-39 when he doesn’t. Since he’s arrived in Queens he’s been a superstar when he’s in the lineup, only his injuries consistently keep him off the field.

After months of trying to return to play, Cespedes hit a home run at Yankee Stadium on Friday night in a win over the Yankees. Then the bombshell that he might need surgery and his return from injury was short lived.

As questions surround this team and how they look to build for the future, it seems as if Cespedes will miss the start of the 2019 season.

“I think going into the offseason, it probably change some of our thoughts on how we field a team next year,” Mickey Callaway said.

The Mets might be a little more tempted to part with their superstar pitchers if it looks like they won’t contend in 2019. Not to mention the obvious fact that the lineup is a lot less threatening without Cespedes.

Whatever you think of him, the Mets are far better when he plays. And border on irrelevancy when he doesn’t.

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