Top 6 Boxing Betting Tips

Without a doubt, today’s boxing betting is just a small fraction of what it once was. Nevertheless, it has not vanished completely. Sports punters still enjoy betting on boxing, especially when two leading fighters are going head to head. Incidentally, such fights attract not only regular boxing bettors, but also casual sports wagerers as well.

As with anything else, becoming a successful boxing bettor is easy, as long as you dedicate enough time and money to the enterprise. Of course, it is pivotal to obtain as much information on boxing as you can in order to be able to place informed bets. But even if you know how to place successful boxing bets in theory, if you have not asked around for advice, your wagering technique might never become successful.

To help you become a better boxing punter, have prepared a list with boxing betting tips for you to follow.

1. Know that judges matter

Naturally, whenever you bet on a fighter, you need to be aware of their boxing style. But you should also pay attention to the judges. Curiously enough, even the most successful fighters can be disqualified for aggressive behavior, depending on the judges’ estimations.

That is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with a bout’s judges and, if need be, choose your fighter on that basis.

2. Do not dismiss the underdog

Most boxing divisions pit popular boxers against one another. Still, there are bouts in which lesser-known players fight popular champions. Such is the case in smaller weight divisions, which are often less-publicised.

While you might feel like betting on the favorite is the smartest thing to do, the case might be different sometimes. For example, if the favorite is a moderate-to-small favorite over the underdog, there might be value in the underdog. It is important to remember that bookmakers’ odds are based on people’s perception. So, when they are not giving the champion a big edge on the line, then it could be better to bet on the underdog.

3. Do a thorough research

Experienced punters know that it is not uncommon for a favorite to go into a fight with an underdog and end up losing all too easy. If you want to place a winning bet, you should observe fighters in many games prior to the bout you will wager on. Sometimes, it is easy to see warning signs that a favorite is losing their strength.

For example, the favorite might have personal problems or poor training habits, which can distract them and cause them to perform badly during the bout. Another thing to take into account is that underdogs usually have higher odds. That is why it might be a good idea to bet on the underdog when you see that the favorite is likely to lose.

4. Take into account fighters’ styles

You may have heard that a boxer’s style makes the fight. This is a statement you should take into account when placing real money bets on boxing. Because regardless of how experienced your fighter is, they might find southpaws or solid counter-punchers too difficult to deal with.

Do your homework and learn as much as you can about your fighter. If they struggle against southpaws and they are to fight against one, it might be advisable to bet on the other boxer.


5. Know your fighter’s age

When it comes to boxing, experience is always a good thing. But if your fighter has too much of it, you might want to refrain from betting on them. In boxing, experience is gained over the years, and when a boxer has too much experience, it is likely that they are too old to fight. On the other hand, there are fighters who are still very inexperienced, which makes them another bad option for wagering.

This leads us to one of the most valuable boxing betting tips – always search for fighters who are in their prime. These boxers are in top-notch condition, they have unbelievable punching power and sharpened reflexes. To put it simply, fighters in their prime have the biggest chance to beat their opponent.

It is easy to find boxers in their prime – you just have to look at how long these players have been on the ring and how many fights they have went through. Last, but not least, always check whether a fighter has suffered any major traumas.

6. Always search for the best odds

In the end, a successful boxing punter always compares odds at different bookmakers. Regardless of how much you like a given sportsbook, it is always a good idea to shop around and compare different odds. It is common for bookmakers to offer varying odds for one and the same fighter. Shop around and you will soon find the best odds for you.


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