Mancuso: deGrom Is The Positive Subject

Run support is something that Jacob deGrom always needs and he failed to get that again Monday night at Citi Field.  Forget for a moment about another Mets loss and this time they found another way to do that against the last place San Diego Padres.

And don’t ask deGrom about the trade rumors. He wants to remain in New York and seems frustrated when asked again with a week before the non-waiver trade deadline. He wants to win ballgames and the Mets need to get this season done and over with.

And Jacob deGrom in all probability will still be a New York Met after the deadline. Unless of course a blockbuster deal comes across the table that is too good to resist, this was the last start at Citi Field for deGrom before the deadline.

Asdrubal Cabrera, Jerry Blevins, Jose Bautista, Wilmer Flores, Zack Wheeler? They could all be gone by the deadline. Scouts were well in hand at Citi Field and racing the deadline. No Yoenis Cespedes who had the MR\I on two bad heels and results will be announced Tuesday,

And at this rate, really who cares because the season is lost and Yoenis Cespedes needs to do what is best and shut down his season. Or if the Mets and Cespedes are on the same page, as both say they are, perhaps the right decision will be made Tuesday before this team finds another way to lose Tuesday night.

Those in command at Citi Field Monday night were not talking differently about the status of Cespedes with exception and regarding his MRI. Assistant GM John Ricco, one of the three amigo GM’s in charge, he is doing the talking.

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Yet, and as always, the Mets leave many to more questions. The answers, if any, do not come easy though Ricco said about deGrom, “We love him. We know what we have. He’s one of the best pitchers in the game and in order to move him in a trade it would take an awful lot.”

One scout, and of course not looking to expose any plan said, “Jake is the need. Cabrera makes us better in the lineup. Wilmer in the lineup or off the bench makes us better.” Again, no talk of deGrom and obvious because the asking price is too high.

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And before there is more speculation, this scout was not representing the cross-town Yankees.  The reality is, the Mets will be busy in the next week, If not, then they will play out the season and allow a new GM in the seat to make the right decisions in what will be a busy off season.

So Monday night was another Mets loss in a season where this team continues to find ways to lose and fails to provide the answers that are hard to find. Oh, no new injuries to report, though the Tim Tebow plan to get fans in the seats is over after a break to his hand was revealed.

Except, Jacob deGrom speaks volumes about his future, even though he is brushing away the constant rumors about being the chip of a major trade that will take this team to the beginning of a major and needed rebuilding process.

He wants to win ballgames and the 5-5 record does not reflect that league leading 1.71 ERA. This time, Jose Bautista started the trouble when a simple fly ball came off his glove in the fifth inning that went for an error, and of course the Padres capitalized with two of four hits allowed by deGrom.

“The goal is for the team to win,” deGrom said, “I would like for the team to have more wins and that’s not the case.”

And if the Mets were playing for something, except for avoiding more distance from the Marlins and last place, Jacob deGrom would have been lifted for a pinch hitter with the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth inning with the Mets down a run.

“He deserved to get two more innings pitched and that’s how it was,” said  Manager Mickey Callaway. It was a decision, because Jacob deGrom is the ace.

It was 8.0  innings of good pitching again,  a 12th straight quality start, 113 pitches, held an opponent to three runs or fewer in each of his last 17 starts, and struck out 10, the fifth time this season, 26th double-digit strikeout game of his career.

So there is every reason to believe that one scout and more see that Jacob deGrom can take their team further into October.

But it will be another October for the Mets watching with decisions made before the trade deadline and well after.  After the last few days with the confusion of Yoenis Cespedes, the Noah Syndergaard mouth-foot-hand disease, Jacob deGrom giving the proper response was a welcome reprieve.

And that response also gives Mets fans something good to talk about instead of the international signing bonus money that came with the trade of Jeurys Famila to Oakland. 

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