Diamond Dave Q&A with Trevor Bauer

WASHINGTON D.C.- Trevor Bauer made the All-Star team for the first time in his career. The Indians right-handed starter is 8-6 with a 2.24 ERA, which is second in the league. His 175 strikeouts are third in the league.
He spoke to NY Sports Day on Tuesday.

NYSD: What is it like being here for the first time?

TB: It’s been fun. Just trying to learn what goes on and schedule. Being in the clubhouse is familiar and getting to see all the guys that we play against is very cooling really looking forward to the game tonight and see the best of the best guys going out there and doing their best, and baseball at the highest level can be played, it should be fun.

NYSD: Is there anybody you want to face from the NL?

TB: All of them. I just want to pitch, and if I can get in to pitch. I’m probably the only person rooting for extra innings.

NYSD: You’ve had some good years but what’s happened this year where your ERA is about two runs lower. What clicked or what happened?

TB: Fastball velo’s up, added my slider, it’s one of the better sliders in the league which has made my curveball better, my changeup has improved, my command has improved, my cutter has improved. All that stuff. It helps my repertoire, so my repertoire’s better, the pitches in throwing are better, and then the knowledge of when to use them and how to read swings and stuff like that because knowledge in-game with certain amount of reps in the league, that helps too.

NYSD: Is it weird seeing some of these guys who have been opponents for years up close now?

TB: Not really weird. I wouldn’t say weird. I’d say it’s cool, it’s fun, cool to see their personality and just interact in the clubhouse and see what makes them tick and relax and having a good time.

NYSD: What’s been your favorite part of it?

TB: Probably just all the excitement around town surrounding baseball. It’s something you don’t see as much during the year because there’s so many games. It was something that was really cool about the World Series a couple of years back, and it’s been something that’s really cool here.

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