“Batboy” Is An Enjoyable Take On The 1970s Yankees

Ray Negron’s “Bayboy: A Yankee Miracle” debuted yesterday at the Argyle Theater in Babylon. The one-show, sold-out, engagement could have been called a test for a larger run later on.

Sure, there were some mistakes and some tightening up needs to be done. That was to be expected, but it’s safe to say, Negron has something here. “Batboy” is a very interesting lookback to the Yankees of the 1970s, when he served as batboy for George Steinbrenner.

The play is broken into a number vignettes about the top stories of the 1970s Yankees with Reggie, Billy, George and Thurman Munson taking center stage. Joseph Gian was exceptionally good as Munson along with Denise Cormio, who played his wife Diana.

Negron was narrator of the event, opening and closing it as a town hall event and then introducing each segment.  The Yankees are seen though his eyes, how they unfolded for a youngster in his 20s, who was thrusted into stardom with the rest of the team.

Because of Negron’s stature, there were a few notable cameos. Ciaran Sheehan, from “Phantom of the Opera,” played Bobby Murcer and former Yankee centerfielder Mickey Rivers, played the younger version of himself.

It was an enjoyable few hours on a Sunday afternoon, but again it was a work in progress and ultimately further showings in other venues will tighten up the hiccups in this first version.

The play is a must for all Yankee fans, baseball fans or those who want to be entertained. Hopefully there will be a longer engagement in the near future.

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Joe McDonald

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