The Jets Are Now Doing Fine At Quarterback

In the span of just a few months, the New York Jets went from having just one quarterback to three very viable options.

All the years of not having great play callers, Gang Green is in a good position, just ask any sportsbook, like

First they re-signed Josh McCown, who provided leadership with the club before going down to an injury and then signed recovering Teddy Bridgewater with some very high upside and very little risk.

But the biggest move came on draft day when they traded up for the No. 3 pick and selected Sam Darnold, who is considered the best prospect in the draft.

Needless to say, coach Todd Bowles is very happy.

“I think from a chemistry standpoint with the three around each other,” Bowles said at OTAs last week. “it is the most together from an experience standpoint and a young talent standpoint that we have been in the room. We think we have three good quarterbacks that we can play with and just look and see how much better they can get going forward.”

Darnold is the long term prospect and you should expect him to be the Jets starter sooner, rather than later. Even if McCown or Bridgewater gets the starting spot early in the season, it’s Darnold’s job on the long term.

Having veterans ahead of him, though will only help.

“I think it helps a great deal,” Bowles said. “He is getting preseason reps right now once he gets the offense down. Right now, I think it is big for him to take the tips that they are giving him and see the things that they are doing going forward so that when it gets to training camp, he doesn’t have to think as much and he can go full speed ahead.”

More importantly, these guys know their roles and they get along. Sure all three want to be the starter, but there’s a certain dynamic growing in the room, which will make the Jets a better team this year and going forward.

“They all see different things,” Bowles said. “And if they all can give each other advice on the field about what they saw on certain plays and they all understand the plays that are going on, if they can feed off of each other and take each other’s advice, I think it can’t help but catapult the chemistry to a better level and help those guys play better.”

Unless there’s an injury, expect McCown to be the starter on opening day, and if he gets injured Bridgewater will take his spot. The Jets are not going to put Darnold in unless he’s fully ready to succeed.

When will that happen? You hope it’s by mid-season, but the Jets are prepared to keep him on the bench until he fully ready to start. They have too much at stake putting an unprepared quarterback out there.

That’s why they played this smart and have three viable options behind center.

Should make for an interesting season.   

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