Christian Hackenberg Is Focusing On His Future Not The Jets

Sam Darnold was drafted third overall and Josh McCown was brought back to mentor him. Teddy Bridgewater is the minimal risk, high reward signing.

Where does that leave Christian Hackenberg?

Out apparently. There a better chance of him signing with the New York Mets according to than being on the Jets.

The Jets pretty much ignored the third-year quarterback on the first day of OTAs, just like they did the first two years of his career. Hackenberg went out and hired a personal coach in Jeff Christensen this off-season, who shortened his throwing motion.

“There were some times when I threw it really good during my first two years here,” Hackenberg said. “That was the frustrating part for me, the ups and downs and not knowing why — does that make sense? — and not really getting any information from anybody on how to fix that and how to address it.”

The Jets didn’t like Hackenberg enough to start him at the end of last season, even though there was nothing to lose. He’s not blaming the Jets right now, but happy Christensen to helped him.

“I don’t put the blame on anyone,” he said. “I think my thing is I’m happy I got the opportunity and someone stepped up outside of me to help me and give me the tools to do it.”

It doesn’t matter anyway. Todd Bowles said he only learned about Hackenberg’s changes, even though the quarterback disputes that claim.

It doesn’t matter, because barring a disaster over the next month of so, Hackenberg will probably be released, because the Jets won’t come into camp with four quarterbacks.

“Today is what it is. It’s out of my control. I don’t get to call the reps. I don’t get any of that,” Hackenberg said. “I can only focus on what I’m doing. Right now, I’m excited about where I’m at. I’m excited about the future. I’m excited where this is going because I feel like I finally have some solid foundation, some solid direction, in terms of what I need to do on a consistent basis from a fundamental standpoint.”

Sounds like someone looking for a job and that’s what Hackenberg is doing to showcase himself when the inevitable happens.

“I’m just really focused on the future,” Hackenberg said, “and moving forward and excited about some finally figuring some things out for myself and being a little bit selfish from that standpoint and being out and prove some people wrong and hopefully have the opportunity to continue to do that.”

It just probably won’t be with the Jets.

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