The Week That Was: Mets Tire of Matt

      The Mets finally gave up on Matt Harvey as he was designated for assignment on Friday but it was the events of the week before that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

      Before the first game of the ill-fated Braves series, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson and field manager Mickey Callaway had to answer questions from the press about a New York Post report that Matt Harvey drove up the 120 miles from San Diego to Los Angeles on I-5 in order to be at the opening of the Beverly Hills branch of the upscale Greek restaurant/supper club chain, Avra. A lot of A-list Hollywood entertainers were in attendance as well.

     No one would have begrudged Harvey some glitzy fun if the Mets were playing the Dodgers in LA or if this were 2013 when he was at his zenith. Back then  partying with the beautiful people served to enhance the legend of the Dark Knight.

     Unfortunately for Harvey it2018 and he’s a shell of his once dominant pitching self. Mickey Callaway yanked him from the starting rotation and moved him to the bullpen. Early returns from his relief stints were just as abysmal as his starts.

     When asked if he was upset learning of Harvey’s night out in Beverly Hills, Sandy Alderson did his best Bob Newhart impression as he dryly stated, “I tend to get upset when I get reports that I don’t expect. So the short answer is ‘no.’”

     If obliviousness was an Olympic sport, Harvey would win a gold medal.

    He knew that he’d be a free agent at the end of the season and you’d think that he’d be chastened from the fact that so many quality free agents this year were not signed by teams until  spring training had almost ended. Aside from personality issues, Harvey has a damaged goods reputation after undergoing Tommy John and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome surgeries.

     Matt must have known about this Beverly Hills soiree a few days ahead of time. Why then would he pick a fight with the team’s beat writers in St, Louis and refuse to talk to them the two days prior to Matt’s private Southern California road trip?   

    If you are looking for a fun weekend road trip, the Mets will be in Philadelphia to take on the surprising Phillies who no longer appear to be National League East patsies. I’m not sure if we can say the same about the Mets though given what we’ve seen the last three weeks.

     If you do take the 100-mile trip to Philadelphia be sure to walk around Center City. One of its newest attractions in the Museum of the American Revolution located a stone’s throw from both Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History..      

    The Mets have not been the same team since their bullpen blew an eighth inning 6-1 lead to the Washington Nationals at Citi Field. That 8-6 loss on April 16 seems to have done damage to the Mets collective psyche.

      It’s too soon into the 2018 baseball season to call the April 16th debacle the turning point of the year for the Mets but keep in mind that last year’s season highlight was their sweep of the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park the second week of April. The season seemed to go south for our Flushing heroes right after that. 

     Getting swept in consecutive series at home last week  by the Atlanta Braves and the Colorado Rockies is inexcusable. To make matters worse, the Mets were shut out three times and were only competitive in one of the six games, Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Rockies.

     The sweep by the Braves was truly depressing for Mets fans who remember that it was n’t that long ago that they had sand kicked in their collective faces by Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and company for well over a decade. The Braves’ current crop of very talented players gives the impression that history will not only repeat itself but it be sooner rather than later. Perhaps it has already started.

     The Mets showed some common sense by putting Jacob deGrom on the disabled list after he suffered a hyperextended elbow batting against the Braves last Wednesday. An MRI proved negative and thus Mets management was talking up the fact that he wouldn’t miss his scheduled start in Cincinnati. That seemed to be a ludicrous notion from the get-go.

     The Mets continue to attract celebrities. Ralph Macchio was on the field watching batting practice last Tuesday. He was promoting “Cobra Kai” which is a YouTube sequel to his breakthrough film,“The Karate Kid.”  The next day actor Jesse Eisenberg, who is best known for portraying Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network,” came out to watch pregame activities.

     I didn’t even think that deodorant has been around that long but Old Spice is marking its 80th anniversary by putting the original 1938 artwork on its packaging.

     Norwegian Cruise Lines brought its latest vessel, the 18-story Bliss, into New York City for inspection by the media and travel industry professionals.

    There is a go-kart track on the top of the ocean liner for those who want to unleash their inner Mario Andretti in a safe environment.

      The Bliss will be sailing between Seattle and Alaska beginning in June.           

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