Podcast: Should the Bills Trade Up for a QB?

On this episode of Buffalo Stance: A Bills Podcast, host Mike Leone of DailyRoto.com is joined by Matt Kelly of PlayerProfiler.com to discuss why trading up for a QB in the 2018 NFL Draft doesn’t make sense for the Buffalo Bills. Mike and Matt talk about the best and worst of the top QB prospects, the ideal draft scenario for the Bills, and other odds and ends regarding the Bills and the 2018 NFL Draft.

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02:10 Elite QB or Bust Mentality

03:06 Trading Up is Never a Good Idea

05:17 Don’t Chase (Jets Trade)

08:06 QB as Bride and Groom on Wedding Cake (Vikings Situation)

09:30 Let Other People F*ck Up

11:43 Having The Pieces in Place

13:08 Bills’ Fans Trade-up Tweets

16:31 Possibly Saved by the Giants’ Incompetence

18:35 What Does a Successful QB Pick Look Like?

19:36 You Need a Great Foundation (Philadelphia Eagles)

20:38 Awkwardness of a Logical Sports Fan

21:51 Nathan Peterman Deserves a Chance

26:20 Baker Mayfield is the Clear-Cut Best QB

28:58 Josh Allen Cannot Play

32:03 Lamar Jackson at 12

34:20 Athleticism Matters in Athletics

38:35 Lamar Jackson/DJ Moore Best Case Scenario

39:14 A Quick Look at the WR Class

41:40 Were the Bills Trying to Tank?

43:21 Logan Thomas Love

47:08 Tre’Davious White is the Truth

47:35 Rob Gronkowski – Oafish Polar Bear

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