Diamond Dave Q & A With Jace Peterson

Jace Peterson is a Yankee again. The former Padre and Brave who has played every infield and outfield position in his career, was with the Yankees in spring training as a non-roster invitee, and played in two regular season games against the Orioles before being designated for assignment. Peterson chose to become a free agent rather than taking a demotion to the minor leagues. Then the Yankees came calling again on Monday, and Peterson was back in pinstripes. Peterson, who has a locker between Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, spoke to NY Sports Day after New York’s 12-1 win over Miami on Monday night.

NYSD: What has this week been like with the whole back and forth and everything?

JP: It’s been a different week, but, you know, it’s been the first time in my career that I’ve had to go through it. But I learned a lot through the process, so I’ll at least have a little bit of an idea if it happens down the road and understand the process a little better.

NYSD: Did it take you by surprise that they signed you back?

JP: A little. I mean, once I opted out I kind of had my mind going to another place and then once they made the offer I was glad to be back. I like the guys here, and obviously the Yankees, it’s a special place. So I was definitely excited when I got the call here.

NYSD: What was it like in spring training, being with the team? What was that experience like?

JP: I got to know them in spring and I was up here for a few days at first, so I definitely know the guys and I’m continuing to learn and I’m continuing to have fun, so it’s fun.

NYSD: They gave you a nice spot between Judge and Sanchez.

JP: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a good spot right here, and I get to mess with Judge and watch him go off every day, and obviously Gary’s a special player, so it’s fun to be sandwiched between them.

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