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The ESPN Deportes Show The World of the Big Leaguesis Number 1 for All the people. For many in the Latino community, Felix DeJesus is a relaxing and entertaining voice that brings thrilling play-by-play for Major League Baseball and Boxing fans, while also providing a wealth of news and information on both sports. From the World Series to Mayweather vs. McGregor, DeJesus has been to all the big events baseball and boxing have to offer.

 He began his radio career back in his college days at Fordham University where he hosted his own show on WFUV 90.7 every Saturday. After receiving his masters from Columbia University DeJesus called play-by-play for the Florida Panthers for the first time ever in Spanish to reach their huge Latino fan base.

 It was a market where they wanted to get into, the Florida Panthers have quite the Latin market in Miami and it was something new that really made an impact with them,said DeJesus. Its awesome to see the Rodriquezs and other Latin names who have played in the NHL on the backs of t-shirts, so we know we did great work back then and it was fun,he added.

 Now he hosts Impactand El Mundo De Las Grandes Ligas(The World of the Big Leagues) on and on 1050 AM ESPN Deportes with Sadiel Lebron and Ray Negron. Negron is a Community Consultant for the New York Yankees who has worked with DeJesus on the radio for 3 years and has been a part of the Yankees organization since he was 16-years-old.

Sadiel Lebron is one of the most knowledgeable men in sports. Besides baseball, he has also covered all of the big time sports for Telemundo. He also has a big fan following on ESPN.

 Its been great doing our show on ESPN Deportes, having the back-up of ESPN is great in getting interviews and stuff like that,said DeJesus. Ive always been excited to work with Felix because he is the consummate professional and with him, there are no shortcuts and I love that because he makes me feel like Ive been doing broadcasting all my life even though Ive only been doing it for the last three years with him,said Negron

 Since joining ESPN Deportes radio about 2-years ago they have had some amazing guests from Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman to legendary actors like Robert De Niro, Richard Gere and broadways own Chazz Palminteri from A Bronx Tale. With Negrons Yankees connection they have been able to provide great guests, timely information, and expert analysis on many topics surrounding baseball that listeners may not get from other shows.

 Its been great having all these great guest come on but its gotten to the point where people want to be on the show because they know the exposure they’re going to get, they all know the importance of being on in New York and on the number one show,said DeJesus. Having Randy Levine the President of the Yankees when not many other shows can get him is great,he added.

 With baseball being such a popular sport in the Latino community the show has been accepted with open arms and has had a huge influence on the Latin listeners. The love for the show is proven with El Mundo De Las Grandes Ligasbeing the number one show on 1050 AM ESPN Deportes.

 We put the time in, especially Ray, trying to get interviews that no one has. With the accessibility Ray has, it brings comfort to the show because we are bringing unique content so thats a good feeling, thats what makes us go,said DeJesus. Because we are so much in the community the people love it and they, in turn, love Felix and I like to think they love me too,said Negron.

 Although the guys discuss many topics from boxing, to New York’s other baseball team, the Mets, it is clear with Negrons connections that their show has helped grow the Yankee fandom within the Latin community.

 People listen to the show because they know they are going to get the best and latest Yankees news and sometimes we will raffle off some tickets,said DeJesus. We give the Latin people their own avenue, just like everyone who speaks English has ESPN, the people who cant speak English they have this vehicle here,said Negron.

 Negron does not deny his love for the Yankees admitting to being a homerbut DeJesus does a great job of trying to keep him even-keeled.

 Sometimes Ray gets carried away with the Yankee stuff and we just have to reel him back a little bit but its all fun and games,said DeJesus. When it comes to the Yankees I am a homer because the Yankees have been my life since I was a boy and Felix understands that, and he takes all the positives that come with that and it has helped with the success of the show,said Negron.

From his beginnings with the Florida Panthers in the NHL, DeJesus has made a huge impact on the Latin people with his 20-year career on the radio which is why Negron calls him one of the best.

 He is one of the most underrated broadcasters in the market, he is much better than he is given credit for and I think eventually he will end up doing play-by-play in both English and Spanish, and I am very very lucky to be able to work with this professional,said Negron.

 You can catch the duo on 1050 AM ESPN Deportes on Saturday and Sunday from 12-2, and “El Mundo De Las Grandes Ligason Sundays from 7:00p.m.- 8:00p.m. and in the podcast section on

 We interact with the fans so that is why they should listen because they can call and interact with us and be a part of the best baseball show in New York City,expressed DeJesus. 

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