New York Lightning Host Second Home Game of the Season

The New York Lightning are looking to bounce back from the loss in their home opener two weeks ago. They will be taking on the Pottstown Flames this Sunday, February 25th at 3:00 p.m.

The Lightning last game was a nail-biter that they lost to the Bronx Holy Flames 100-96. They played hard and clearly had stepped up their game on the defensive end but came up just short.

With the Pottstown Flames coming to Brooklyn the Lightning look to keep that same defensive intensity they showed in their last home game. In their previous three games, the Lightning has showcased their offensive abilities but will need to put the pressure on the defensive side if they want to win.

The Lightning plays their home games in the Brooklyn Stuy Dome where the former Brooklyn Sky Rockets used to play. With their connection to the borough of Brooklyn, Owner/head coach Willie Negron makes it his mission to get more Brooklyn players apart of the Lightning program.

“We are representing Brooklyn right now I am working diligently right now to get more players from the borough here. Hopefully we can get the word out through all the media outlets we have,” said Coach Negron.

The team currently has two players from Brooklyn, Stanley Hamp who has been with the team since their first game in the ABA. While coach Negron added another guard from Brooklyn in Scott Rich who will be making his return to the ABA but his debut with the Lightning this Sunday.

“I am always ready for the opportunity, there is a little bit of history with playing for the Lightning my best friend who passed away Paul “PJ” Flowers was a former player, so there is a little emotion attached to this,” said Rich. “It is going to feel great to get back out there, I am ready! I am itching to grab the ball right now.”

Stanley Hamp loves playing in his hometown in front of many people he knows and has grown up with. He also is afraid to pull off a few moves he has learned on the Brooklyn playgrounds.

“It’s amazing it is a different type of atmosphere, the crowds on your side and there is a different type of energy, winning energy,” said Hamp. “I am thrilled and very thankful to play at home in front of fans from Brooklyn, I enjoy playing in front of everybody that is cheering for us,” he added.

Hamp has an interesting move that he has used in each of the Lightning first three games. If he happens to find himself trapped under the team’s basket, he will fake a pass behind the defenders back, and once they fall for it, he will go up for the lay-up a move he learned in the park.

“ Oh man I got that move from an older guy playing in the park, he did it to me one time I was like wow, so I said I am going to put that in my arsenal,” said Hamp.

The Lightning hope Hamp can use some of his trickery in Sunday’s game to help get them a win. He believes they are close to breaking their three-game losing streak.

“I feel like we have to play better defense, move the ball a lot more and just play harder,” he said. “We are right there we just need to play with a little bit more heart and more defense, the scoring is there we can all put the ball in the basket,” he added.

The Lightning looks to get their first win in the ABA this Sunday, February 25th at 3:00 p.m. in the Brooklyn Stuy Dome.

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