Mancuso: All About The Ring For Cashman

Nothing different when the owners, general manager and players of the Yankees say they want another ring around their finger. Brian Cashman made that declaration Monday down in Tampa when he said “I need another ring.”  Obvious with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the lineup that could mean another ring for Cashman.

And with that duo in the lineup with Greg Bird and Didi Gregorius, along with Gary Sanchez considered the Yankees best hitter in the lineup, Cashman has that opportunity for another ring to go along with the four in his 20 years as the GM.  And you can count on Cashman not finished with the quest of getting another world championship because the Yankees always get what they want.

Consider the duo of Judge and Stanton that made their debut before a capacity crowd Monday at Steinbrenner Field Monday morning.  And with the exception of a possible gap in the infield the GM has little to do before Opening Day.

But the Yankees want to take it all and made that statement with their acquisition of Stanton in December which by all means was the offseason move in baseball and that speaks volumes. But Cashman wants another ring and if there isn’t another move to fill that gap in the infield there should be little concern.

Because the Yankees own and occupy the deepest prospects and minor league system in baseball, Brian Cashman does not need to look beyond what he has.  And with that a fifth ring is very possible for himself and those who came to camp looking for it.

And you ask why seek more in the infield with prospects that have a capability of getting the start for any of the other teams that will probably chase the Yankees, and that includes the Red Sox in the Al East. Perhaps the GM provided some answers with this response:

“I guess time will tell but there is a lot of excitement about what we did last year and the offseason additions. We’ve got ground to make up. Despite what happened in the postseason the Red Sox won the division and Cleveland and Houston each won 100 plus games. They were the best teams in the American League . We know our work is cut out for us.”

Correct that the Red Sox and Houston are the teams to beat but the Yankees as of now are the team to chase with the unexpected and early progression of their youngsters and now they have Stanton and Judge in the same lineup.  What remains to be determined is how many runs will be produced and how far will the starting pitching last in the stretch of a 162-game season?

So unless there is lack of confidence with Miguel Andujar, Danny Espinosa, Jace Paterson, Tyler Wade and Gleyber Torres, and that will be seen the next five weeks, Cashman will manage to make a deal and find a way.

The prevailing thought is Torres, a top 2 prospect in baseball will get the start on Opening Day and contingent on handling  the recovery and lack of playing time last year brought on from Tommy John surgery to the elbow. Andujar, to most scouts and to Yankees brass, has the tools and worked on his skills and range during the offseason to handle third base.

Wade has the limited experience, Espinosa was let go by the Nationals because of their excess in the infield and was signed to a minor league deal.

And there is Ronald Torreyes in the equation who could end up with the utility role. So take your choice,unless of course Brian Cashman decides to swing another deal and by all means never discount that theory.

The Yankees this past October came up a game short of going to another World Series. Brian Cashman and company want another ring and talking this way about another ring prior to their first spring game Friday will never hurt.  Having Judge and Stanton on your side also helps and surly that can happen,

Another infielder from that list can be enough.  But for the Yankees, and with Brian Cashman at the forefront as is well known, they never have enough until they get another ring.

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