That Same Old Feeling is Setting In

 As the seasons are about to change, New Yorkers are looking forward to the spring and summer months. Graduations, weddings, vacations, spending time at the beach or catching a play on Broadway, will delight us all. America’s past time and finding a new home may just be on the top on your list. Going to Yankee Stadium or Citifield may take you away for several hours however, finding a new family home will change your life forever. Yes, that same old feeling is setting in!!! Let’s get ready for baseball and the hunt for your new dream home.

Lin Pan Realty, which is located at 142A Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck , New York 11201 ( or 516-693-9888/212-680-0188), should be your very first contact when searching for your family home. Lin Pan Realty has created wonderful family memories over the years in their professional efforts in promptly securing the purchase or sale of your home. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail and dedication to the community, will make your anxiety of finding a home minimal. Lin Pan Realty has been a mainstay in the tri-state area for many years and has the courteous and professional staff to make your fears go away. They have served many people from all walks of life specializing in International sales. People from all over the tri-state area and professional athletes, including New York Met and Yankee legend Dwight Gooden. Yes, “Dr. K” has utilized and will again join the Lin Pan Realty team when he arrives back in New York in April in time for the umpire’s yell of “play ball.” Dwight Gooden, has decided to return to the New York area full time so that he can reach out to all the New Yorkers that have loved and supported him over his brilliant career. From his early days as a Mets phenom to his World Series victories for both the Mets and Yankees, to his 1996 No-hitter at Yankee stadium, “Dwight” has achieved numerous professional milestones. So now, he is coming home…………………joining forces with Lin Pan Realty.

Just like playing for both the Mets and Yankees, together Dwight Gooden and Lin Pan Realty will continue to serve New York well. Both are established winners, both have strong ties to the people of New York and both believe in the American Dream. Dwight Gooden and Lin Pan Realty have a strong pitch, a fastball right down the middle of the plate. “Dr. K’s” legacy was to put away hitters with his devastating fastball. Lin Pan Realty has created its own legacy by assisting each customer with its own fastball of selling or buying a home within several days, putting away those anxieties and stressful moments. Lin Pan Realty has an outstanding track record of selling/buying million dollar homes within 3-5 days! Just like “Dr. K.’s” high-heater, Lin Pan Realty will come at you hard and fast to get the job done and to successfully create memories of a lifetime.

Yes, that same old feeling is setting in. A feeling of hope and sincere excitement. We will soon put away our snow boots and shovels to smell the flowers of the Spring and experience the cherished moments of the summer. With Lin Pan Realty and Dwight Gooden’s return to New York, this one-two punch will be one to be reckoned with. A combination that will serve New York with dignity, class and ultimate respect.

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