Callaway Sets Goals For Mets

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – New Mets manager Mickey Callaway said on Tuesday afternoon that one of his main goals he wants to see happen, entering his first season managing a big league team, is the feel of the clubhouse must be relaxed and know what to expect on a daily basis. This comes from another busy day at the annual Baseball Winter Meetings.

Callaway also noted that he has definitely reached out to every player and visited the team’s complex in Dominican Republic to start and build the necessary relationships, what looks to be a brand new beginning for the Mets.

After a disastrous 2017 season, the Mets have brought on 42-year old Callaway to manage the club. Fittingly enough, this move also allowed the Mets to address their 28th league worse ERA by bringing on the former pitching coach of the Cleveland Indians who lead his staff combined to the lowest ERA in the majors last season.

Callaway, former Indians pitching coach, said he wants his pitchers to face guys according to the matchup, even if it lines up for his relievers to pitch multiple days straight. “I want my pitchers to face the batters they are supposed to face,” Callaway stated as he elaborates on how important matchups are.

But he also mentioned that small sample sizes have became very clear that you cannot put too much stock into it. Callaway speaks of this on behalf of having flexibility in his bullpen and also a six-man rotation. The new manager had success from the Indians pitching staff because of their flexibility to go out and pitch under all circumstances.

And he wants to make sure that passes down to a future successful Mets team that has full of young, highly-touted pitchers.

Callaway also stressed about how important leadership is in his clubhouse. “Everybody is a captain,” Callaway says as he talks about how even if veterans fail, the young guys can always step up. The Mets are looking to add new faces to the clubhouse as well, which can lead the current players to start developing more leadership in the clubhouse.

Current Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter has been an idol for Callaway as to how he goes about his business in the clubhouse. “Buck is always organized and prepared for the next move,” Callaway focused on as he transitions into a managing mindset and  mentioned his communication with the players early on and how important starting to build strong relationships with each of the individual comes from how Showalter handles it.

“You should see how he addresses BP. Sometimes you’ll see him down the third baseline trying to observe and analyze the game and each of his players from a different angle, always in a different area talking to the other coaches.”

Callaway seemed very excited, and relaxed, about the process of where the Mets are heading into the future and he is looking forward to working with his staff. He believes that everyone is different, but each individual offers some type of value to a clubhouse that will all come together and work out.

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