New York Jets Todd Bowles Unfazed By Team’s 0-2 Record

Someone should give Todd Bowles a medal. He refuses to quit. Sure, the season is still young but things haven’t gone well for his side at all. And looking at the New York Jets odds for the season, no one else is expecting much from Todd’s side.

The Jets are currently 0-2. That isn’t the sort of start any team wants to have. You need to start well and then keep building on the momentum. Starting 0-2 means that the Jets have the potential to keep falling.

Confidence matters in sports and if the Jets don’t snag a win soon, the performance of Todd’s players might begin to suffer. But none of those worries have ruffled the feathers of Todd Bowles, or so he would like everyone to think.

Todd is a professional. Naturally, no one expects him to lose it on national television. But he is definitely taking his team’s lack of competitiveness far better than anyone expected.

To be fair, no one expected much from the Jets. In fact, they are performing as well as everyone predicted. The demoralizing factor is the defense. Pundits and analysts have been bashing New York’s offense for months. But the defense was always predicted to be the standout, possibly even the only redeeming factor of the team.

Unfortunately for Todd Bowles, the team’s defense has done nothing to impress so far. After two games, the Jets have been ranked 30th in terms of defense. That is pretty abysmal.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether the Jets’ defense has simply fallen on hard times or if they were just overrated. Todd needs to hope that his team is merely struggling to find its footing. Otherwise, things do not look good.

But you wouldn’t know that from talking to Todd Bowles. The coach believes in his defense and the last two games have done nothing to shake his confidence. He admitted that there were a few fumbles but there was nothing the team couldn’t fix in the long run.

Todd seems certain that the New York Jets just need a decent practice session to bounce right back up. It has been suggested that the Jets are failing because they have too many young players.

But Todd doesn’t think so. He also doesn’t buy the argument that the team lacks focus. According to the coach, the Jets’ biggest problem is missed tackles. Todd is certain that problems of that sort can be corrected.

Of course, that argument and Todd’s confidence would have been easy to swallow after the first game. But the problems persisted in the second game which means that there’s either a bigger problem in play or Todd is simply incapable of correcting the simple issues he has observed among the Jets.

Strangely enough, Todd Bowles has refused to budge from the ‘missed tackles’ issue. Maybe he simply believes in his team. Or maybe he isn’t watching closely enough. No one believes that New York’s failures are merely the result of missed tackles.

It could be that Todd is just deluding himself. After all, it’s a little difficult to coach a team you don’t believe in. And if lying to himself is what Todd needs to do to keep pushing the Jets, then that’s fine.

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