Negron: Tyler Clippard Honored By Hank

Tyler Clippard was honored by NY Yankees co-owner Hank Steinbrenner  and The Hank’s Yanks organization Monday at the third annual Yanks Hank’s fundraiser that enables youngsters to play organized baseball in the New York City Tri state area.

Clippard the Yankees righthander first came to the Yankees organization in 2006 and besides his responsibilities on the field he immediately assumed the responsibilities of someone who needed to go to hospitals and schools in the New York area.  The first hospital he visited was the Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey where he showed his support for the many pediatric cancer patients.

He appeared at many schools in the Bronx to show the kids support in many ways.  When he left the Yankees to pitch in Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Washington he always continued his civic duties. Clippard is a native of the Tampa Bay Florida  area so naturally Hank has a fondness for this young man.

When Clippard returned to the Yankees, it was easy to select him for the “Hank Award” that symbolizes civic duties. Julia Steinbrenner and Robert Molloy made the presentation to Clippard as the next generation of the Steinbrenner family and their rich tradition of giving back to the community of the Bronx and city of New York. 

Clippard was very grateful in his acceptance of the award and was humbled and appreciated that it was his first award in baseball for reaching out and being a part of civic duties. 

The Many Hank’s Yanks in attendance including the new members of the TM Baseball Training Academy in the Bronx were thrilled to meet and greet Clippard. He was one of the highlights on this special day of the third annual Hank’s Yanks  Charity Golf Tournament at the Trump Links Golf Course at Ferry Point in the Bronx.

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