Hope Week Concludes With Points for Pain

Hope Week 2017 came to a finish as the Yankees honored Tyler Cashman and “Points for Pain”.

In 2008, Cashman’s mom, Casey, was diagnosed with chronic pain.
“Too often, Tyler became the caregiver in the family and the caretaker as a young boy,” Joe Girardi said.
On Friday, members of the Yankees surprised Tyler on the docks of the Loeb Boathouse, where they had a picnic, went on a rowboat on “Thd Lake” and played with remote control sailboats next to the “Conservatory Water.”

Casey would speak in occasions for the U.S. Pain Foundation. In 2015, Tyler was the manager if the girls basketball team at Old Turnpike School in Tewksbury, NJ. At games he would talk about the issues of chronic pain. “He took his platform of being at games with the crowd to share with them about the struggles that kids go have,” Girardi said.
People could donate money based on how many points the team scored.

The money went to the U.S. Pain Foundation’s Pediatric Pain Warriors Program, allowing children living in chronic pain to attend a two-week summer camp in Kentucky.

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