Hope Week Continues With A Surprise Visit To One Step Ahead

Hope Week continued as the Yankees made a surprise visit to One Step Ahead founder Amy Palmiero-Winters and young athletes at the USA Track and Field Hall of Fame on Tuesday afternoon.

She started the nonprofit foundation in 2010 for children with disabilities, specifically ones who have lost limbs.

Palmeiro-Winters, who threw out the first pitch before Tuesday’s game, underwent 27 surgeries trying to save get lower left leg after a motorcycle crash. The attempts were unsuccessful and she was given a prosthetic. She began running marathons and broke the world marathon record for amputees by 25 minutes.

She became the first amputee to qualify for a U.S. Track and Field National Team after age ran 130 miles in 24 hours to win the 2009 Arizona Run to the Future.

One Step Ahead events involve Palmiero-Winters taking kids on runs, hikes, ski trips and mountain climbing. Part of the funding comes from prize money Palmiero-Winters wins in competitions.

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