Seely: Who’s Your Favorite NASCAR Cup Driver?

Who’s your favorite NASCAR Cup driver? Uh, you’re taking a little too long to answer. Could it be (rhyme coming) that you’re like me?

My answer: no one.

Is there any difference between, say, Matt Kenseth and Chase Elliott, other than a decade or so of years? How about the guy in the Target car (uh, what’s his name?) or the No. 4 driver (is Busch beer really still around?)

Answer: not much.

And here’s why NASCAR’s top series is getting to be like men’s tennis: almost everyone is alike.

You may have loved or hated Dale Earnhardt Sr., but you were in either in the half the world that loved that mean SOB or the other half. Darrell Waltrip didn’t stir as much emotion, nor did Cale Yarborough, but people chose sides.

Everyone loved booing David Pearson for beating Richard Petty. Jeff Gordon may be pretty, but he sure wasn’t loveable.

Today’s drivers: blah.

We need a villain and today’s candidates just don’t reach the standards set in the past.

Brad Keselowski? Looks like a twerp to me.

Kyle Busch? A punk kid. His brother? Goofy, and even when he wins the Daytona 500 he’s a goof.

Clint Bowyer looks like he could irritate a bit more, but all he does is whine. Whiners need not apply.

Jimmie Johnson wins too much, but can you really go in a snit about him, other than he’s from California and probably voted for Hillary?


We need a bad guy and he isn’t out there, and for good reason: today’s sponsors don’t like bad guys. So, sadly, we’ll just have to take what we have and try and like it.

Right now, the best we have to dislike is Joey Logano’s stupid grin.

Article first appeared on Jacksonville Sports Day.

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