Fennelly: Miami Marlins Would Benefit From Derek Jeter’s Magic Touch

Let’s face it, folks. Derek Jeter has led a charmed life. From the day he donned pinstripes for the first time back int he mid-90’s until this very day, Jeter has been living the dream, setting gah gold standard every step of the way.

That is why the Miami Marlins fans have their fingers crossed that he ends up being their new owner. He knows how to win and more importantly, he knows how to draw a crowd. Jeter is relevant and interesting. He will bring flair to a franchise that plays in front of thousands of empty seats on a nightly basis.

Jeter is now of several suitors in play to buy the Marlins from the widely unpopular current owner, Jeffrey Loria, an owner that is finally open to selling this faltering franchise. The Marlins have not have a winning season 2009 and the fans have been extremely vocal about the direction of club.

Loria reportedly had a handshake deal earlier this year to sell the team to New York real estate mogul Charles Kushner (yes, Jared’s father) but it fell through. Marlins fans were disappointed, but it may have been a blessing in disguise. Now, they could end up with Jeter, the star of all stars, as their owner.

Jeter is the fans’ frontrunner to become the Marlins’ next owner. His group, which is fronted by Greg Fleming of Morgan Stanley (Fleming was an executive at Merrill Lynch while I was there) is up against several other serious buyers, including one led by former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

There is no question that the city of Miami is a suitable baseball market. It’s a mystery why Loria was not able to prosper in this multi-ethnic, diversely cultural destination that should be one of MLB’s flagship cites, especially after scoring a brand new stadium in 2012. Jeter, the always smiling, future Hall-of-Famer who is loved by all fan bases, including Mets and Red Sox fans, is the perfect face to slap on this franchise.

Don Mattingly, the former Yankee great who is now the manager of the Marlins, believes Jeter would bring the same kind of energy that Magic Johnson brought to the Dodgers, his last team.

“He’s always talked about it,” Mattingly said this week as per the Sun-Sentinal. “I asked him if he wanted to coach and he’s like, ‘Never.’ I’m sure he’ll be good [as a theoretical future owner of a team]. Jeets pretty much seems to be good at everything he tries to do.”

And he’ll be good at this. Can’t be any worse than Loria, that is for sure.

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