Syndergaard To Get Schooled By Topps…

The path to business success usually starts with an internship. Now Mets star Noah Syndergaard probably doesn’t need that type of career boost, but the young fireballer seems like he is willing to try. On Thursday, Topps announced that they were bringing Syndergaard into the fold as an “intern,” helping them with the selection process for their highly successful daily offering “Topps Now.”

He started the day by handing off a large sized card to former teammate Bartolo Colon (whose home run last year as a member of the Mets created a card selling frenzy), and helping clean up the press room after his announcement. “Hey I’m always trying to learn and I have loved collecting cards from when I was young, so it could be a good fit.” Will he make it into the company’s Whitehall Street offices this season? If we can work the schedule out I want to see what the business is all about, what a better way to keep learning,” he added.

Syndergaard did also address his blister, which has kept him off the mound until this weekend, saying that he will be fine. As for his ongoing “feud” with Mr. Met, who was in attendance for the announcement with Topps, the long haired Mets starter described the treatment on his middle finger, showed it to the mascot and said with a grin “it’s this finger right here, Mr. Met.”

That image probably won’t make any upcoming card sets.

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