Verizon Fios Enhances The Baseball Experience on Opening Day

MLB started its 2017 campaign with a smorgasbord of games from around the country. Many fans prefer the live experience because the technology that promised an interactive experience from home often disappointed with slow uploading and inconsistent video quality. Enter Verizon Fios, who through the strength of superior bandwidth has finally achieved what many failed to deliver.

We were given a demonstration of this ability at the Fios instant internet connected home which presented an example of a home with two large screens in the living room with comfortable furniture, two in the kitchen, one in the garage and even one in the front yard as they showed off it’s range in the home. “On opening day of baseball season everyone wants to be in many places at the same time,” John Johnson of Fios explained, “Here at the Fios internet house we can do that because we have a one gigabyte connection to the internet which means we can connect to all six smart TV’s that we have here at one time.”

This was demonstrated impressively as we witnessed the New York Mets impressive opening win over the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox versus the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals vs Florida Marlins in the living room with crisp imaging and sound with the ability to rotate games to specific screens. “The advantage of this instant internet service is regardless of how many people are in your home, how many devices you may be trying to connect at once, this service can connect them all,” Johnson pointed out, “Fiber-optic connections which give you upload that is just as fast as the download in case you want to stream video.”

Even picturing yourself working in your garage on the weekend, a large smart screen was installed there as well. The ability to install these anywhere in the home was displayed in that room in its simplicity. “It is great to be able to watch all these games at once. That’s the beauty of instant internet,” Johnson said, “It’s got so much bandwidth, you can connect virtually about everything you have at home without buffering. Nobody gets short-shifted, everybody gets full bandwidth.” Showing us the router in the garage the connections were few and uncluttered. “Everything you see is all connected wirelessly to the single router that is giving the Wi-Fi signal to all these devices and connected by one fiber-optic cable,” Johnson said.

Speaking of devices we were introduced to a few more such devices in the kitchen that are being offered along with streaming services. John Johnson demonstrated how you can control house functions from a laptop or your own voice. “Voice commands to the Google home unit will let me turn the lights on.” On command, the row off lights under the kitchen counter came on. “You can control all lights in the house with instant internet,” Johnson added.

Speed in streaming games or activating house functions to my personal favorite, the Samsung refrigerator that was recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. Lined at the door with three small cameras you are able to view your products inside with a computer console that is built in to identity what you have, its age and even communicate with family members. “Verizon provides the internet connection but the refrigerator itself has a computer built-in and an application that runs on your tablet or smart phone so you can communicate with it,” Johnson said.

So, as you can see, Verizon Fios has a lot of top of the line technology to offer for families who want to make not only their viewing life but everyday responsibilities easier to organize. So, sit down and switch to the game you want, yell out orders to dim the lights and while you have the phone in your hand order some food and leave a message for the kids when they arrive and attack the refrigerator.  It sounds like Verizon Fios has brought us to a brave, new world.

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