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Almost everyday the question is asked: “Rich, why do you take such an interest with T M Baseball Academy?” And then the response, “Well, come in when you can and you will see first hand why there is this enthusiasm and interest.”  And with that there should be no more words to say but to come and spend a few moments at T M Baseball Academy in the Bronx.

This is not to say that others don’t do a good job at training and coaching the game of baseball, or with conditioning. They all do, but as will be detailed more in the days to come, Tony Melendez has a technique that is different and works to the advantage of the up and coming ballplayer with results shown as they progress with skills in little League, Summer ball, at the high school and eventually college ball level.

The goal of course, as is with very aspiring ballplayer, is reaching the professional level and that is a task that comes with hard work and dedication. It does not come easy and something that does not occur with a brief span of time. Believe me, this writer knows being around the ballpark and Major League Baseball players a good amount of the year.

This is about dedication and the intensity of daily training, This is about listening and establishing a good relationship with coaches and of course the parents, many who are such key players to the entire process. And the first observation at T M is seeing those parents watching and smiling. They observe their young boy or girl taking instruction and listening to Tony, coach Jeff, or any of the other instructors who are a vital role to this process.

So you ask, what is different here from the other training facilities in the tri state area? To begin, there is that respect with baseball and fitness all year round. More important is “The Boss Lady” Jessy, who dedicates day and night and making sure that youngsters and the parents are not bypassed in the process.

As a prominent baseball scout, who visited the Bronx facility Wednesday said, “I see a lot of this in my travels but nothing like this.” Jessy cares, attends to the youngsters with a constant emphasis on education which means excelling in the classroom before taking a swing or catching a ball.

You see, the significance of achieving that goal is getting good grades and heading off to college. Time and time again you observe one or more former T M members returning to say hello and once a youngster has now become a responsible adult. They took their skills from that intense training and playing summer ball with a T M travel team.

And all of those skills and discipline paved the way to a college scholarship and they continue their goal to become the next star in the game or in the business world.  

Yes, this is what T M Baseball Academy is all about.  And in the coming months with the new baseball season a week away, the training will continue and exciting things are on the agenda in the Bronx, and with ventures down in central Florida.  Hank’s Yanks is a new venture and thanks to New York Yankees executive Ray Negron, a travel team has become a reality.

 Saturday evening is Salsa Night Bingo hosted by T M Select 16 and Under team from 6:30-10:00 pm. The fee is $25.00 that includes three game cards, a raffle ticket, dinner and non alcoholic beverages and all proceeds support T M Select 16U team for the upcoming Summer season.

On the agenda, more clinics conducted by former NY Met and Yankee Dwight “Doc” Gooden, the Cy Young Award winner who is impressed with that dedication and care that Jessy and Tony show on a daily basis.   Remember it’s about the youngsters and helping them achieve their goals and their development in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

This is T M Baseball and yes, they do care! More information contact TM Baseball:  (347) 657-0052

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