Morello: Q&A With Adam Jones At The WBC

MIAMI-The World Baseball Classic is heating up at Marlins Park. Team USA will be taking on the Dominican Republic Saturday night. Team USA has several veteran players returning to the 2017 team. Outfielder Adam Jones is looking forward to the energetic crowd and his upcoming season with the Baltimore Orioles.

NYSD: Congratulations on last night’s game! I heard you had a feeling that you were going to hit the walk-off. Was that the talk in the dugout?

Adam Jones: What happens in the dugout nobody knows. (Laughs)

NYSD: The environment for tonight’s game seems to be the popular discussion. Do you offer the younger players that have never participated in the World Baseball Classic some advice on how to handle the crowds?

Adam Jones: That’s a great question, I think it’s more that they walk out here and see the environment. Some of our players have played in the post-season and some haven’t. You just walk out here and see the environment and get a good grasp as to what is at stake. Once first pitch starts, this place is going to be turnt all the way up because of the passion.

NYSD: Last night, Team USA fans were very quite until you walked up to hit during the 6th inning. Is that something you feed on?

Adam Jones: Of course! We feed on the crowd. Crowd participation is great! You see the DR crowd participation and players feed off that. The crowd on both sides should give both sides a lot of energy.

NYSD: The Al East is always super competitive and during the off-season the Boston Red Sox’s traded for Chris Sales as you know. How do you prepare yourself to face starting arms like those?

Adam Jones: We already know that the starting rotation is stacked. We still have to go between the lines and play the game and we know that. I’ve played against them so many times. Sales is a great pitcher and a great competitor. Price, Porcello, Eduardo, Wright, the bullpen, and hopefully I’m not leaving anyone off.

They have a great set up and great front office that orchestrated a great team. You have to go in-between the lines and play because that’s what all the talking is doing.

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