Negron: A-Rod To Hal And Hank, “Thanks”

Alex Rodriguez finally got to the Yankees spring training and I can honestly say, players, both old and young ,were very happy to see him. A-Rod looked like he was very happy to be there and he actually looked like he was in terrific playing shape. 
I got to sit in a golf cart with Alex and the first thing he said to me was how appreciative he was to Hal and Hank Steinbrenner. I then asked him questions about the upcoming season.

Ray Negron: Alex, Hal Steinbrenner has basically said he is happy you are here and helping with the  responsibility with the kids and you will show them the Yankees way. How do you feel about that?

Alex Rodriguez:  I am grateful Hal gave me an opportunity to come back in 2016  and not only to get my career back and rehab my life. I forever will be  grateful. I really love the kids and look forward to spending time mentoring them..

Negron:   You were a good Yankee regardless of all the stuff that went on.  How do you feel about that?

Alex: it was the greatest time of my career. It had its ups and downs.The one thing I will neve forget is always remember the 2009 world championship that was as good as it gets.

Negron:  Pete Rose said to me I got to know Alex Rodriguez. He is one of the greatest. He said, “I know the man.” I had a blast with him. He should have been bigger in New York than he was. Maybe had he not played behind Derek Jeter.  He would have been a king there and had a statue there.

Alex: Pete is a living legend and he is extremely intelligent and articulates the game in a beautiful way. I really enjoy my time with Pete. Listen, I have no complaints. I am one of the luckiest human beings on the planet and I get a chance to kind of pave forward with some of our great talent here in New York.

Negron: I regret the fact that George Steinbrenner didn’t get to see this like a Reggie. He went through scenarios with Reggie and he became his guy. Do you feel you are going to be the guy in helping the Yankees from the standpoint from psychological etc.?

Alex: Mr. Steinbrenner brought me here in 2004 and I forever will be grateful to the Steinbrenner family and now Hal and I have developed a nice relationship over the years. I really have enjoyed our talks. We both have two passions in common. We love the NY Yankees and we love young players and my job is to make those young players better.

Negron:  Roberto Alomar, what did he mean to you in your career?

Alex: He is one of my heroes and became one of my closest friends in the game, someone I admired. He’s baseball royalty. When you think about Sandy Sr.,  Sandy Jr. and of course his mother is probably the biggest baseball fan of them all so Robby is a dear friend. 

Negron: Do what you have to do as far as these kids go. Know the New York fans love you and hey come on we want to see you in New York as much as possible.

Alex: Thank you Ray. Appreciate it. 

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