New Jersey QB Jonny Langan impresses everyone and lands an offer

Nowadays, there is a stigma considering how power spread is high school quarterback recruits, and also, how able are they to play the same position on the collegiate level. For most high school quarterbacks their career ends with finishing the high school, or they end up play some other position at the college level.  But some are able to go very far.

A prime example of this is Jonny Langan who played at Bergan Catholic (Oradell, N.J.). For him, there is no other position that he would play on except the position of QB. He said to “I’m not really accepting any non-quarterback offers.”

Logan has already got five offers from different colleges, they are from Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Boston College and Buffalo. But he knows that he would field more overtures of he is recruited as an athlete.

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He also said:  “Like, If I wanted to play linebacker, I’d probably have triple the offers I have right now.I had like Wisconsin come in and they said like hey, we’ll offer you if you wanna play linebacker. I said no. I just really want to play quarterback. That might limit my schools, but that’s what I wanna do.”

Standing at 6`4. 220 pounds, he is pretty big QB, his physical presence is more in the line with outside linebacker or defensive end. But his ability to manage great plays marked him as a potentially great QB in the future.

He said: “Coaches like my play-making ability. I make big plays. When coach (Jerry) Kill took over, that was right around when coach Nunzio (Campanile) was at the Under Armour All-American game. And they linked up and they talked about it and they said coach Kill was really interested in me. And he said he wants to have me come down and talk to him.”

Logan went straight to business during last Saturday`s early morning Rutgers visit, where he was accompanied by his head coach Nunzio Campanile.

He said:”I went in and I got on the white board and I wrote down a bunch of plays. And (Kill) just really tested my football IQ. And then after that, we talked about his system and what he does. And the, he offered me.”

In the second game of 2016, he suffered a lower-body injury, but he was able to play through the pain. And he was able to complete 1,998 passing yards and 19 TDs ( to 11 INTs) and led his team to a record 7-4, while also rushing for 129 yards and four scores on the ground.

So how does future looks like for Logan? In our opinion, pretty bright. There are high chances that he would become a profesional Football player, and one day maybe even play in NFL, only time will tell.

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