How to bet on a soccer game

With the rise of the MLS audiences and the arrival of stats such as Lampart, Pirlo or Drogba, soccer is getting a particular attention in the U.S.

Here are some advises if you are willing to place a bet on this sport:

Choose the best bookmaker:

The choice of your bookmaker is decisive, there are plenty of online bookmakers!

Pay attention to sites that offer bonuses or ribs too high compared to other bookmakers. You entrust your money, you must choose a trusted site.

A bookmaker must fulfill several criteria to gain your confidence: He must hold a license, be recommended by gamblers, be transparent and offer a quality-betting offer.

Before you sign up on a bookmaking website, look on the Internet reviews from other gamblers, if the site is reliable. Read the conditions for obtaining bonuses, as they are different from one site to another.

Some of the sites offer to reimburse you the whole of your first bet up to a certain amount or the bookmaker offers the sum of your first deposit (If you deposit $50 you will receive $50 to bet).

You must choose an easy to use site, recommended by other gamblers, offering a quality of betting offer, promotions, bonuses offered as of registration, the number of live bets.

A mobile site is also important to bet on the go or outside with friends.

Different things to avoid when you start betting:

Like in a casino, don’t start by betting blindly, you can follow the advice of people who have experience and know how to bet.

Don’t follow the winning techniques that make you shine astronomical sums, it doesn’t exist … If that existed everyone would know!

Never put all your capital in one bet, the “all in” is the best way to lose everything quickly.

Don’t bet on a single match but make-combined bets, the more you multiply the matches on a single ticket (2 or 3 games), the more your odds increase!

If you bet online on a single game with too small odds, you will earn little, and the risk of losing is always present.

Avoir to bet on high variance games like in the FIFA world cup where many surprises happens.

Bet for the first time:

Once registered on the site of your bookmaker, take the time to discover the functioning of the site as well as the different types of bets and odds offered. Start with small sums.

Before betting on a match, you need to look at the ranking and the form of the both teams, this is the most important part.

Watch the results of the previous matches to get an idea of ​​the form of the team, the absences planned in both teams.

But also look at the motivation of the team, whether the match to an importance or not (qualification?), The history between the two teams (if team A has not won against Team B since several years).

There are a multitude of variations to check to increase your chances of winning!

If the team performing better at home or away from home, Are there problems within the team, If in the coming days the team plays an important game afterwards?

You will increase your chances, by betting just before the game starts, when the compositions are unveiled.


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