Was This Jets Win Darrelle Revis’s Last Stand?

Darrelle Revis saved his best for last. That last being possibly his final appearance in a Jets’ uniform. Or it could mean some relocation from the fabled Revis Island.

Revis snared his first interception of the season off a tipped ball from teammate Calvin Pryor’s hands at the Jets’ 30-yard line in the fourth quarter, rambled down the sideline with the perseverance of reaching the end zone, and was tripped up just short on the three-yard line.

Moments last, he was swarmed by his teammates on the field and was greeted by a series of hugs and handshakes from players long the sidelines as well as head coach Todd Bowles who greeted him with a wide grin and then pulled him aside for moment between the two of them.

It wasn’t the typical type of celebration for a player who began the year ranked third among active interceptions with 39 career pics over nine seasons. Yet, it certainly was a timely one for a player who has been a shadow of himself all season.

Ironically, though, Revis was beaten on the next series down the sideline by a fake from Buffalo’s Justin Hunter and stumbled seconds later before Hunter was tackled a few years from the end zone.

The latter scenario was a weekly regular one for Revis, whose once sparkling play quickly became tarnished at the start of the season and continued to deteriorate.

It was a moment , however, to remember and reminisce about the play of the most highly regarded cornerbacks of the game. The question now is whether the Jets will honor one of their likely legends and bring him back into the fold of the 2017 season.

Revis is under contract for next year and he will cash a $13 million pay-check. The Jets can buy out his contract for a few million less, but Revis doesn’t see himself wearing another uniform.

“I’m under contract for next year, and I’m not thinking about it being my last game,” said Revis. “I love it and I want to retire here.”

Yet some other indications have the multi-year, All-Pro cornerback possibly making a move to safety.

He already has had some initial feelers about the move from the Jets.

“We have had some small talk here and there about it,” said Revis. “We definitely we have a conversation about it.

Head coach Todd Bowles took the conservation approach.

“We had a discussion,” said Bowles. “If we have that discussion again and make (that) move going forward, he’ll have the challenges ahead.”

Revis acknowledged how he watched his team unravel, beginning with the loss in Kansas City September 25.

“During that game, we weren’t on the same page,” he said. “Things happened on the sideline and trickled into the locker room. Moving forward as a team from there, we needed to be on the same page. This has been hard for me because I have been a turnover machine.

“We needed to focus on team chemistry and have that focus and commitment all year long. It left a dark cloud over our heads.”

At 31, Revis realizes his role on the team and welcomes the chance to help retool and rebuild the current debacle of a 5-11 season. He also wants the chance to redeem himself.

“I want to be a leader and help young guys mature here,” he said. “This is not a one-man sport like tennis and golf. It is definitely a team sport. I want to win and I want to win big. That’s the reason I came back to New York. This will be an off season of lot of changes and things will be moving around.”

In one way or another, Revis likely will know the feeling.

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