Getting Stars To Participate Is A World Baseball Classic Problem

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – The World Baseball Classic is a universal celebration for those that love the sport of baseball. Agents and teams have always been extremely hesitant to allow their players to participate in the tournament right before the start of spring training due to the fear of obtaining an injury.

For an agent, it makes sense to refrain players that are approaching the free agent market from participating. Exposing players to this unnecessary playing time heightens their risk for injury.

Agent Ryan Hamill spoke about why the decision for Mets righthander  Noah Syndergaard to not participate was important for both the team and Noah.

“Noah feels his performance the past two years is in large part due to his offseason and spring workout routines.” In the statement Hamill also added, “After consulting with the Mets, and given the injuries that plagued their rotation last year and his role on the team moving forward, both Noah and the Mets feel it is important to stay in his established routine.”

Jim Leyland will manage the 2017 Team USA. During the winter meetings, Leyland was asked about his take on players not participating in the tournament, he explained that when he managed that was his fear as well. He was worried about the injuries that his player may become exposed to but said, “I can assure all the teams that I’ll take care of their players.”

During the 2013 World Baseball Classic both Mark Teixeira and Hanley Ramirez became injured. Teixeira during batting practice partially tore his tendon sheath in his right wrist missing ten weeks. Ramirez during the game tore his ligament in his right thumb missing eight weeks. Even though the World Baseball Classic organization agreed the player’s salary while recovering from the injuries, it still is a huge loss.

The difficult decision is a hard one for the players. Most would love to represent their countries, but the possibility of a career ending injury is always looming during that unnecessary playing time.

Players like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are on the verge of signing a ground breaking MLB contract; so sitting out during the WBC is a wise decision.

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