Mancuso: Sandy Alderson Is The GM Winner In New York

This is turning out to be no contest: Sandy Alderson gets the win as the General Manager in New York and sealing a deal again to bring Yoenis Cespedes back to New York made him a unanimous winner.  Even if the Mets fail his popularity with fans won’t matter.

Yoenis Cespedes sealed the deal for Alderson, the Mets, and their fans.  And with the Winter Meetings on Alderson’s agenda next week, you can expect this New York baseball executive to retain that image and popularity. Alderson made that point early Wednesday evening that there will be activity to keep this going.

With Cespedes back in town, with that agenda of getting back to the World Series, there is every reason to understand that this is serious business and the Mets as an organization have made a statement.

Alderson, the 12th General Manager in Mets franchise history came here six years ago with every intent to get this right. Payroll flexibility, reorganization of the minor league system and of course bringing aboard Terry Collins as the manager. It has worked and Cespedes secured for another four years came at a price.

Yes, a price the Mets had to pay but not the five years that was on the table. Alderson played this right and perhaps the connection with Tim Tebow and that deal with Cespedes and the relationship with an agent cinched this return. However, all the time Cespedes reiterated to Alderson he wanted stability and loved New York.

So the GM got the deal done quickly and Cespedes is content for the next four years. The Mets and Alderson pulled a crosstown Yankees move of sorts as they once again unveiled their star player that is needed and a catalyst to the lineup.  

Debate all you want about that previous cross-town success of Brian Cashman. Once the winning GM in New York, the Yankees are in another phase of redevelopment and building with youngsters and in a few years or sooner will be back on top.

The experts in the know say, Cashman and the Yankees are building again in the right direction and have the top prospects.

But for now, Sandy Alderson is sitting pretty and is not done.  The next week don’t expect this GM to sit still. His team has an excess outfielder to maneuver, the bullpen needs some restructure and all points are leading to the failure of Travis d’Arnaud behind the plate.

The Mets GM  works a room quietly and manages to get the job done. Rumors are discounted, but Wednesday he just about made it known that there may have to be an upgrade behind the plate.

And in this equation that young stud of pitchers, part of the Alderson agenda that got the Mets to the World Series in 2015, have to also rebound and support this re-signing of Cespedes. That starting staff of Harvey, deGrom, Matz and comeback of Zach Wheeler are a key to all of this and Alderson handled that with caution because he waited for their development.

But what makes this so different from previous GM eras in New York is what  Sandy Alderson said, and that was, “This is an entertainment business.”  This is also a game of economics and the Mets have shown that commitment to spend.

And more importantly, this is not a Sandy Alderson “Optic” response as to the Cespedes golf game.  

Yes, it took some time because the Mets have always entertained their fans with the notion of failure. But Sandy Alderson has changed that complexion and has won the distinction of the GM winner in New York.

Yoenis Cespedes made it known, New York is where he wanted to stay.  He kept his word and the GM made his commitment stand to assure that this would happen for a fan base that wanted this to happen.

Brian Cashman never sat still and the Yankees will not remain quiet. And now the Mets also refuse to remain silent because their General Manager secured that deal to assure this is about winning in the long term.

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