Coppola: Choo Choo The Train May Be Leaving For The Mets

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but the Braves again just inched closer, to being a problem for the Mets next year. The signing of free agent Sean Rodriguez to a two year $11.5 million deal was a smart move. One of those “No see-ems” in the off season. An under the radar deal for a 31 year old right handed hitter, who batted .270 / 18 HR / .859 OPS last year for the Pirates, his ability to play multiple positions, becomes valuable to any team in a number of ways.

Why? It Allows Ridriguez to give multiple starters a rest and to be able to play out of position during the many shifts used in baseball today. Not a Ben Zobrist by any means, but someone who will help the Braves. He is a solid, loyal team type player that will be a big plus in the young Braves clubhouse and dugout.

The Mets don’t have that type of player. He would of been a nice surprise pick up for them. So just what is it that they are doing, to make their team better this off season? Beats me!

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, Iowa corn farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Cotsner) hears a voice telling him, “If you build it, he will come.” Over and over he hears it. The Mets built the field, but he still hasn’t come. They have put a good team together, got to the world series in 2015, But he still hasn’t come.

I don’t see anything new happening. Their fixation on Yoenis Cespedes as their savior is just plain dumb. He is an amazing ball player, when he wants to play. Mike Trout is even better, yet the Angels finished last in the AL West. By the way, I can’t figure out how anyone can be an MVP for a last place team. Like without him, would they finish lower than last place? That’s a story for another time.

It seems like the Mets think, there is plenty of time for them to find the pieces needed, to make their team complete, before the next season begins. But the clock is ticking on some of these deals, that could “make our team great again.” Other teams are finding these not so glamorous players, in trades and low cost, free agent signings.

It looks like the Braves are working harder than the Mets at making their team great again. The great Mets base of loyal blue collar fans, work hard everyday to afford what it takes, to see their team play. They deserve better. There is no mythical stork who will place your prized player on the field.

Get to work and do your homework boys, or choo choo, you will be left at the station.

Editor’s Note: William Coppola just completed his 40th year in the game of baseball. He has been a coach, instructor and professional scout.

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