Giants Find a Fix for Their Broken Tight End

The Giants’ black hole now appears to be their strong hold. Updated Super Bowl picks by will definitely be affected by such facts. The transformation is yet to properly develop. Nonetheless, Will Tye (2nd year pro) and rookie Jerell Adams’ duo is starting to come alive. This was after greatly contributing to two recent victories that gave the Big Blue an overall 4-game victory streak.

Will Tye said that things were awesome and the situation will improve over time after the Giants’ 6-3 victory on Thursday. The Giants are now gearing up to for their Sunday match against the Bears which will be held at MetLife Stadium. Will said what made things exciting is that this was just the beginning.

Larry Donnell is the sole loser in an equation fight that has been filled with veterans. He was a one-time starter that had since disappeared in the background after an early fumble that occurred during the game that saw the Giants beat the Rams last month 17-0 in London.

That was a time when the Giants offense was experiencing major challenges and exactly when coach Ben McAdoo mentioned the tight end as a line position that can be effectively used for a makeover in the course of that particular week’s bye.

Coach McAdoo saw his vow through by making Adams and Tye replacements for Donnell, a move that saw them beat the Eagles 28-23 in the 9th Week. It was not long before they won the trust of Eli Mannings after catching a combined fifteen passes for 128 yards to earn them victory against Philadelphia and the past week’s 21-20 win over the Bengals.

The Cincinnati win included Adams’ 1st career touchdown. He was a 6th round pick from South Carolina and failed to play in two of the four opening games for the Giants in the current season. Adams said that it felt good after his ten-yard scoring grab against the Bengals on Thursday. He said scoring a touchdown in the NFL was a childhood dream and was makes it even better is that he did so on Monday Night Football.

McAdoo said that people should expect more of such performances from Adams in his comments on Wednesday. McAdoo mentioned that Jerell has played on the offense for some time and he has done that while on special team and that Giants will continue to train him.

Will Tye is also not a newcomer. He is a product of Stony Brook who rose to become Mannings’ favorite while still a rookie at a time like this last year. This was after finishing with 42 catches for 464 yards and 3 touchdowns during 7 games in which he was starting.

Will Tye has since gone back to a minimal role this current season after Donnell got back his starting job during the preseason and went ahead to start 6 of the first 7 games the Giant had. However, after Donnell’s fumble in a game against the Rams McAdoo reconsidered his role. The fumble was Donnell’s 6th in the preceding 2 seasons.

Adams and Tye are so valuable because they give Giants additional options as they are considered to be blockers that cannot be penetrated. Donnell who is slender and long has never offered that during the entire time he has been with the Giants.

Adams and Tye said that they complement each other on the field and that they will only improve with time. Adams said that his maturity is a contributing factor to his success of 6 catches for 42 yards in the last two games.

He said that he does not remember ever being overwhelmed by things as he has always had it in himself. The only challenge is that players are bigger and good in what they do but that is a fact that he has gotten used to. He added that he is where he belongs and it is not by mistake.

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