Morello: Von Miller’s Sex Tape Scandal Shows What’s Wrong In America

Von Miller has a sex tape and never wants it to go public. According to court documents, Miller met Elizabeth Ruiz while enjoying a trip to Mexico in June 2016. He admits to having sex with Ruiz and knowingly allowing her to record the act. He says he spoke to Ruiz about the recording being a private video and later asked her to erase it. He claims Ruiz agreed to those terms and text him back saying, “gotcha.”

Ruiz is attempting to shop the sex tape around unless Miller can fork up a whopping $2.5 million. Von is asking a LA judge to block the footage from going public. Von was given a temporary injunction from the courts, which will block the video from getting out for now.

Von spoke out in an Instagram post today about the issue.

If the Hulk Hogan lawsuit against Gawker has taught the media anything, any major media outlet without Miller’s permission will not pick up this sex tape.

However, there is the issue of consent according to adult entertainment company Vivid’s Steven Hirsch.

“Von Miller has a right to privacy. As we saw with the Hulk Hogan lawsuit any media outlet that publishes this footage would be liable and face serious ramifications. The fines would be based on the damage done to Mr. Miller’s reputation,” Hirsch said. “Because he is a football player and not in any way connected to sex the fines could be very substantial. Consent is needed from both parties before any footage could be distributed.”

It is clear the Elizabeth Ruiz is a talentless female who wishes to become a knockoff Kim Kardashian. If you view her Instagram account, (which she hopes you do) you get a better understanding as to what kind of female Ruiz is. Also from the looks of it, all she’s capable of doing is bending over boats with her backside exposed. This leech will most likely only get Instagram famous off of her actions but nothing more. It seems as if this is the only thing Ruiz has ever planned out in her life.

Ruiz is flat out an embarrassment. Women have been fighting this uphill battle in hopes of equality and respect while women like her, have literally blown it. How do we expect men to take us seriously when our only claim to success in this country is provocative images and content? Our generation is overcrowded with lazy women who are looking for their easy claim to fame. Women in non-progressive countries would kill for the opportunity that Elizabeth Ruiz has been given. She could of became a Cuban American that did something productive, but instead opted out into the fast life.

Elizabeth Ruiz’s sex tape with Von Miller will most likely never see the light of day. Let this be a lesson to men all across the country, think long term rather than in the moment.

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