Morello: Fernandez’s Toxicology Report Makes A Tragic Story Even More Tragic

It seems as if the heartbreak surrounding Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez death is never ending. Toxicology reports from Miami Dade County confirmed that Fernandez was intoxicated when the accident occurred but it is still unclear if he was operating the boat during the time of the accident. They were able to confirm that he had both alcohol and cocaine in his system. Blood tests were also able to confirm that Fernandez’s had a blood alcohol concentration .147 (which is nearly double the legal limit). The case is still under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

For fans, the toxicology report is a huge disappointment. It is highly disappointing to see a guy with so much talent like Fernandez letting his guard down by using such an addictive substance. Fans wanted to see Fernandez become the face of Cuban/American baseball and receive everything he righteously had earned, without this black cloud tainting his legacy.

The toxicology reports should of remained a private matter unless the family wished to let them go public. It’s upsetting to see media outlets such as TMZ, report these details with such a cruel tone. The headline, “cocaine and booze” is stomach turning. There is no doubt these details will taint the image of Fernandez. Why does the public feel a sense of entitlement rather than respecting a family’s right to privacy? It would acceptable if the facts were exposed while playing out in criminal and/or civil court but they should not be exposed into the court of public opinion. If the family wishes to release these details so that others can learn from this accident, that is one thing but for media outlets to release this private information for entertainment purposes is where the moral line needs to be drawn.

These toxicology reports are now up to the public’s discretion as to how they should be processed. You can allow it to be hinder the short legacy Fernandez left behind, you can even question how effective the MLB’s drug testing is, or you can use this as a teach moment and show children the real dangers of drug and alcohol use. It is important to remember that Jose Fernandez was only human and was experiencing one of the most stressful moments a young 24-year old man could be facing in life with a baby on the way. Remember Jose Fernandez as the incredible person who stopped to greet all baseball fans and players with an electric smile and whose heart was consumed with the game of baseball.

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