Morello: The Giants and NFL Don’t Care About Women

The NFL does not care about women. Teams do not hold their players accountable for their actions, even if you beat your wife repeatedly, over 20 times the NFL will help you toss it under the rug.

The latest domestic violence case flirting with the NFL’s zero tolerance policy, is New York Giants kicker Josh Brown. Brown openly wrote in his journal, “I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally, and verbally.” He then goes on to describing himself as, “God” and his wife was his, “slave.” Brown’s own admission still was not enough for the Giants to kick him off the team.

Even his fellow teammates refused to believe Molly Brown’s statements when she first spoke out as the victim to Josh’s beatings. Jason Pierre-Paul was asked about whether his teammate should be cut. He got defensive and replied, “Why should he be cut?” then added, “who knows? You weren’t there.” Justin Pugh who at the time Molly spoke out first said this, “All we can do is support our teammate and make sure we’re there for him.” He then went on to adding, “It’s definitely a tough thing to go through.” Imagine if players and owners had this same loyalty they have for one another and applied it to their wives?

Giants owner John Mara even said in an interview with WFAN, “certainly he admitted to us that he abused his wife.”

Naturally, the NFL shifted the blame to Molly Brown and law enforcement for not cooperating in their investigation. Keep in mind, the New York Daily News published that horrifying 911 calls Molly made along side her statement to the police. USA TODAY Sports and ESPN both published similar public records. The NFL even had its own security relocate Molly Brown and the children due to a hotel incident involving Josh.

The NFL is acting now but it is too late. The time to send a clear message was back in August. The NFL despite its, “help us start the conversation” domestic violence campaigns is full of it. The NFL does not care about women and they never will.

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