NYSD Q & A: John Tavares On 2016-17 Season, Islander Fans And Coconut Water

New York Islanders fans now have an excuse to stay hydrated! The team’s captain, John Tavares and Vita Coco Coconut water, have joined forces to remind fans how great pure coconut water is. Tavares will star in a campaign in the United States and in Canada. Here is what the captain had to say about his new partnership, the start to the 2016-17 season, and more.

NY Sports Day: You’ve always been a fan of coconut water, why was joining a campaign like Vita’s so important to you?

Tavares: Well, obviously with what I do, it’s no secret how important hydration is. It’s important for drinking before a game or after a game. For me it seemed like a really good fit, a really good partnership. It’s a great product, something I enjoy. I felt like it represents me really well, and I fit into what they believe in.

NYSD: What are some of the personal benefits you get from drinking Vita Coco Coconut Water?

Tavares: For me its two things, it tastes great and second for being an athlete and hydrating. It’s something you can prepare with everyday and it’s a great product. That’s why for me it was a great fit.


NYSD: What was the experience like playing for your country in the World Cup?

Tavares: It was a lot of fun for many reasons. Playing for your own country, in your own country with all the fan support each and every single day was great. It’s something that doesn’t come around very often and I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity and obviously to win it makes it that much special.

NYSD: Does that feeling of winning for your country ever get old for you?

Tavares: No it does not, especially for what hockey means for Canadians back home. People are so passionate about it; it’s really a way of life. Anytime you get the honor to play for your country, especially Canada, it means a lot playing for your country. I take a lot of pride in that; you never know how many opportunities you will get so you take advantage of each and every one. Those memories last forever. There are some great players and meet some great people.

NYSD: At the start of this season, do you have any personal expectations for yourself?

Tavares: It’s just to keep getting better; I don’t think you try to put anything specific out there. I think you just find another way to improve your game and contribute each and every night and try to win the Stanley Cup. Always trying to find ways to improve my game. I do not have any set limits, you could always try to achieve for more, but never really be satisfied.

NYSD: I know you’ve spoken about it in the past, when your contract is up you would love to continue your career on Long Island. What is it about Long Island specifically that you love?

Tavares: I think the metro area in general there’s so much to do and a lot going on.  I’ve seen since I was 19 I’ve been about to experience a lot. I’ve also played at a lot of good golf courses in the area. Being that I am a more quite, laid back kind of guy obviously with Long Island you can relax and get away a little bit. Certainly going out east is very beautiful, very relaxing. Just seems like it fits me. I’ve really just enjoyed my time here. The people are tremendous with the support. It’s amazing how passionate and loyal people are about their sport teams.

NYSD: What make Islanders fans different from other fans?

Tavares: Well they’ve been through a lot, there’s been a lot of ups and down’s certainly with me being here as well. The seasons we’ve had the fans just stick throughout thick and thin and always have your back and have that support whether it’s downtown or at the rink. Now we’ve obviously had a couple of good seasons were building on that and we want to get to the Stanley Cup. It’s been fun!

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