Coppola: Cubs-Dodgers 7-Round Fight?

In the Blue corner wearing blue hats we have the powerful boys from Chicago. The hit men, the meat eaters, the Mighty Cubs. With a record of 103 wins 68 by knockout. And in the pink corner we have the beautifully tanned, vegetarian, Hollywood Dodgers also in blue hats. Winners of 91 games.

This should be another quick knockout for the soon to be new champion from the black and blue division of the National League.. But hold on, the over matched underdog opponent seems to be getting some good punches in the early rounds and according to the official score card they are ahead two rounds to one.

The Dodgers came out swinging early in the first round and shocked the Cubs with a one-two and even three-four punch combination that had them on the ropes. But the big heavyweight countered late to take round one. The Dodgers came on quick in the next round with the Cubs not even scoring one point.

In round three we saw the Cubs use their most powerful punch, one their fans call the ‘Arrieta’ But the Dodgers were not touched by the Arrieta and made it look like a weak jab. They appearing to be looking down Hill at the Cubbies with a never ending combination of roundhouse stingers and jabs to take the third round.

Again the Cubs scored no points. The stunned Cub supporters are beginning to worry. Could this be happening again? Did the Dodgers have goats put in the hills around Chavez Ravine? We will see in round four if the underdog can continue and possibly pull off a stunning upset in the end. Or if the big heavyweight can go to his cut man and recover.

At this point the Cubs need to go for the Knockout to win this fight.

No matter how many times the baseball hierarchy tweaks this game it can never change the fact that things like this happen. As the drama continues, we are either euphoric or crushed by the team we root for or are amazed as we see teams other than our own do some things that we never saw coming.

So when I hear “Are you ready for some football?” My answer is “NO WAY!”

Editor’s Note: William Coppola just completed his 40th year in the game of baseball. He has been a coach, instructor and last week completed his third season as an associate advanced scout with the Atlanta Braves organization.

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