Coppola: Are Your Ready For Some Baseball?

So we are down to the championship series. Four teams, four cities one in another country. Including spring training, it only took 240 days to get here. It could take a total of 259 days to end this season. What a ride! Three teams are sitting and waiting with their best pitchers more or less all lined up pretty good.

The Dodgers after exhausting their staff in a wild five game series with the Nationals will have the toughest road ahead of them. My guess is the Cubs are sending out for cases of champagne and having them shipped to LA in anticipation of a four game sweep. But hold on there Cubby fans, The word around Hollywood is that there will be a team or two in the World Series wearing blue colors and it may not be you.

Those pesky Dodgers have been giving everyone in their path a tough time. They kept pace with and passed the Giants in the regular season and now have shocked the Nationals. You could be next. And what about those Nats? Could they be the next “Wait till next year” team? Will Bryce Harper be tired of just getting close every year and opt out for free agency in 2018? The Nationals do have the money to keep him in DC for a long time. My guess here is he will be wearing pin stripes in the fall classic in 2018 and beyond.

A nice luxury three floor penthouse overlooking the entire city is sounding real nice right now to pretty boy. There is an amazing group of free agents available that year and the Yankees have positioned themselves brilliantly to buy. But getting back to the National dilemma, and I am not talking about the election here, why can’t the Nationals win the big one? Is it the manager again? Is it the locker room chemistry?

Is it those back stabbing useless politicians in Washington? Is it a new curse because two teams moved out on the city only to get to the World Series and win a few? Minnesota not Texas. Who knows? They could be the most talented team to fall short every year since well maybe, possibly, uhh the CUBS.

But now the drama begins. The TV analysts will begin an onslaught of numbers and acronyms that will make our heads spin. Filling every moment of these games with an endless chatter of verbal mumbo jumbo. But hey, this is what we wait for every year. And after another long season of amazing plays and wild games,mixed in with some that were like watching paint dry, we are ready to hang a picture on the wall of a new Champion in baseball.

Will it be the “Who would of thought it” Indians? Or the powerful American/Canadians who says we should close our borders? Or those under dog Dodger dogs?

Or is it the year of the curse riddled Cubs? Let the games begin! Please let them begin!

Editor’s Note: William Coppola just completed his 40th year in the game of baseball. He has been a coach, instructor and last week completed his third season as an associate advanced scout with the Atlanta Braves organization.

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